Budweiser Remains Patriotic In Spite Of Rebranding

Budweiser is one of the bestselling beers of the United States not to mention that the brand is also significantly popular in many countries. Budweiser is packaged as an all-American beer with its red, blue and white can. While Budweiser is technically part of a Belgian company Anheuser-Busch it has been known for its patriotism and sponsorship of most American sports.

However, things do change and although Budweiser is already well known throughout the world, it has to increase its global presence. Budweiser has been consistent with its American patriotism with its new seasonal packaging screaming America. According to AdAge, Budweiser is set to feature the word “America” on its front with different nationalistic phrases that includes “Land of the Free” and “Home of the Brave.” The new packaging will also include “From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream Waters” and “Indivisible since 1776.”

Budweiser packaging has certainly evolved through the years but are consumers prepared to accept the new packaging? Opinions will certainly vary but there will always be loyalists who will stick it out with the brand whether it is packaged in stars and stripes and Lady Liberty or patriotic phrases. The new design may appear classier and more high-end to some audiences while others will remain indifferent to the change. For beer lovers, packaging will not affect purchase preferences particularly since that it is only the packaging that will be changed not the contents.

Budweiser is expected to capitalize on coming seasonal events that will include the Olympics, Fourth of July and Copa America Soccer Tournament that will be taking place in the US this summer. New ads are set to appear this June and it is very likely that some Olympic athletes will endorse the product.

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