Adoption Of A New Plumbing Code For Solar-Ready Roofs Opposed By Austin Plumbers

The roof of a home is typically made of shingles with a chimney and vents. However, if District 7 City Council Member Leslie Pool’s resolution to make Austin roof’s solar ready is to be followed, roof space on new home construction must not have vents and pipes in order for solar panels to be installed.

The Austin Homebuilders Association is concerned over the additional costs of building the home. The developer’s trade group is prepared to support the measure if the city council considers a separate item that will change Austin Plumbing Code. Glenn Coleman who is lobbying for the home builders association said that if a new plumbing code is adopted, it can neutralize the additional cost of constructing a solar-ready roof.

According to Coleman, a new code called the International Plumbing Code will make it easier to create extra roof space. In addition, the new code will bring out more benefits like smaller piping, more flexibility and the ability to combine multiple devices together so that they can vent simultaneously. Water conservation and solar initiatives will be more efficiently adopted into a home.

However, Austin plumbers do not agree to the adoption of a new plumbing code. T.J. Dodd who is the business manager for plumbers and pipe fitters said that their union prefers the current code which is the Uniform Plumbing Code. They have already fought twice against a switch to a new code and they are prepared to fight Pool’s resolution.

Dodd further said that plumbers are already familiar with the Uniform Plumbing Code because of the relative safety, flexibility and cost of the plumbing system. When the item on plumbing was pulled out, the homebuilders association also withdrew their support for Pool’s resolution. Pool now expects that the item for the solar-ready roofs will be postponed.

If you are looking for plumbers to fix a plumbing issue in your home, make sure to choose well. The choice should not depend on the cost but the skill and experience of the plumber including whether he is licensed and insured. If gas installation will be undertaken, make sure that the plumber has Gas Safety certification.