A Fresh Look For Your Old Bathroom

You have a lot of rooms inside the house but the most essential and intimate is said to be the bathroom. It creates a strong impression on your guests and it is important as it is where you clean and refresh yourself every day. It can be quite disgusting if not taken care of since buildup of mold, dirt and clutter is inevitable. Not to mention you need to have cloakroom basin vanity units to replace your old ones.

A little love for your bathroom can go a long way. You don’t have to decide on a major renovation because it takes up time and money. HomeAdvisor published that the average budget for bathroom renovations nowadays can be between $5,911 and $13,384 while the high-end ones can reach over $22,000.

Adding a fresh touch to your bathroom does not have to be that expensive. All you need is a few hundred dollars at the most. It will make you feel better using your bathroom and it can add value to the property, at the same time. Here are a few ways to freshen up the bathroom according to experts.

  • Lauren Tolles, an interior designer and business owner, said that the bathroom in a home covers 10 per cent of the entire property value. Fresh pain can on the cabinets and walls can give the room an updated look. It is recommended to choose neutral color schemes while colors can be added from accessories and linens. When painting outdated cabinets, sanding and priming should be done properly. Don’t forget about the ceiling.
  • Organizing and decluttering. Annie Draddy, an organizer from New York said that everyday items should be taken out of the box and placed inside clear containers. Time to let go of loose items and unnecessary products inside the bathroom. When choosing storage solutions, go for the functional and pretty ones.
  • Choose modern hardware. If you have pretty cloakroom basin vanity units then you just need to replace the hardware in order to give them new look. The same style is recommended but a different finish or latest model can give a new touch.