A Family’s Experience Of Living In A Boat

It is common knowledge among divers that Thailand liveaboad is a world-class adventure that allows you to experience the stunning beauty of the underwater paradise of Similan Islands. However, there are families that actually opt for liveboard instead of living in a traditional land-based home. Jan and Tony Braddock talk about life in their yacht in Seaview Marina.

Living on a boat is synonymous to adventure because of sunshine, sea breezes and the ability to sail off to distant waters at a drop of a hat. However, living on a yacht has its shares of costs and sacrifices. People who want to save from paying high house rentals opt to live in a boat; however, it is not suggested for the faint-hearted and inexperienced.

Jan Braddock, a primary school teacher and her family decided to move from their 140-square meter home in Levin to a 32-foot yacht anchored at Mana Marina near Porirua. The families have to figure out how to downsize their belonging so that it will fit the yacht. Only the most basic possessions that they cannot live without were transferred to their boat.

However, Braddock warned that living in a boat is not a cheaper option to avoid the rising prices of rental. Their decision to move to a yacht is only for those who are passionate about boats. Aside from the money required to buy a yacht, there are additional costs like marine berth, insurance and maintenance. An annual maintenance service costs between $1,500 and $2,000.

A boat is different from a house. You really need to love the boat passionately before considering it as a home. However, there are certain advantages to life in a boat. The marina is a community of people that share the same interests. You can take the boat and explore some islands for months.

One of the biggest appeals of Thailand liveaboad is the experience that cannot be enjoyed when you are on land. Liveaboard is not all about diving but being able to enjoy the company of like-minded people. You can dive for 4 or 5 times in a day but still have to time to relax and distress.