72% Of People Acquire Their Great Ideas While Showering

During the last several months, Ron Freidman, who is a psychologist, as well as the founder of Ignite80 and the author of “The Best Place to Work: The Art and Science of Creating an Extraordinary Workplace,” organized a peak work performance online summit, which features his talks with 26 top international productivity experts that involve Gretchen Rubin, Daniel Pink, Susan Cain, Scott Barry Kaufman, and Adam Grant.

A relaxed state prompting creative thinking

In the summit, Kaufman, who is a cognitive scientist and the co-author of “Wired to Create,” talked about a study he conducted that shows that 72% of people acquire their creative ideas while in the shower.

Kaufman informed Friedman that the study showcases the significance of relaxation in creative thinking.

He mentioned that the solitary, non-judgmental and relaxing shower environment can provide creative thinking by letting the mind wander freely, and prompting people to become more receptive to their inner rush of consciousness or daydreams.

Friedman questioned Kaufman about how he can use this to benefit his everyday work, if he needs to set time for daydreaming, or if he needs to welcome it if it occurs.

Kaufman responded that one needs to ensure that time, as well as room, for solitude is made, with this taking many forms, such as getting on an everyday stroll for the brain to become reconfigured and away from the path one is working on during the past hour or so, or it be a daydreaming room which prohibits external noise.

Great ideas while in the shower

Kaufman also did research about showering. They did a study and found out that people had more creative inspiration while in showers compared to when at work.

He mentioned that it is extremely important for people to insulate themselves from external distractions.

Friedman also talked to Brigid Schulte, the author of “Overwhelmed: How to Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time,” who has the same opinion as Kaufman.

She said that people’s best insights happen in the shower because of a reason – the brain is wired for it to happen.

Summing up

The next time that creative ideas suddenly pop up from people’s minds while taking showers, at home in their frameless shower, this will no longer be a surprise.