3 Tips For Cost-Effective Promotional Merchandise

Depending on the type of promotional merchandise that you are going to give out to your prospects, there are branding items that are costly. Giving away promo items is really an expense and not an investment. However, given the right approach, the expense can be turned into an eventual investment. To do away with high expenses for your marketing and branding efforts, here are some tips:

Ask for cost estimates

Most of the time, you would require high quantity of promotional items to reach more targets. Aside from spending for the promo items, you would also have to spend for the printing of logo, labour costs if you are going to order items only from a supplier and also for shipping fees. All these look like a lot of expenses but if you would order everything from one supplier and ask cost estimates from a number of service providers, you will have an idea where you can order promotional merchandise at a lower cost. Find a supplier that offers free delivery to further pull down your branding budget.

Order higher quantities

Suppliers generally offer automatic discounts for items purchased at higher quantities. They usually offer promos and deals to encourage their prospects to purchase bulk orders. The more promo items you order, the lower would be its total price. If you are working on a budget yet wants to reach more customers and prospects, opt for cheaper branding items such as key chains, coasters, lanyards and pens. These items do not cost a lot but you can be sure that your brand would be exposed to more targets because of its functionality.

Look for better deals

In order to reduce your costs for promotional merchandise, it would really help if you would look for customer-friendly deals such free shipping or delivery. This service would not only mean saving money for the delivery costs, it would also mean less hassle for your staff to pick up the items from the supplier. Always ask for money back guarantee or warranty for the items to further protect your money.