Month: January 2018

How To Use School Classroom Furniture In An Old Space?

A school is expected to last for centuries; and certainly around this time happens many changes including the curriculum and programs. So how do school administrators manage changes, especially without making physical alterations to the building itself?

An interior design coordinator of Fanning Howey, Carla Remenschneider says that it’s possible to manipulate physical space in a flexible and more economical way. For instance, if there is a change in the curriculum or program, and you need more space, you can make use of the corridor or a common space to fill up that additional requirement. This will also need you to find a school classroom furniture, that is useful for the area.

You consider two perspectives when you adapt a school classroom furniture and space at the same time. First, you will need to buy a furniture that fits the space configuration. The second is that the furniture can meet the changes in curriculum or programs.

For instance, the Fremont School District 79’s Collaboration Commons in Mundelein, Ill., which is made up of three classroom spaces. “All things can move freely in the adapted space, which is a space common in many high schools, and is now visible in few applications for middle schools,” says Remenschneider. The school classroom furniture such as tables can occupy six students. The molded chairs can help see the walls, which are being utilized as teaching tools, that are furnished with a projection screen, white board and marker boards. Students can utilize their laptops or tablets and have digital wall display on their screens. The instructor has a platform with a laptop to easily move around the space.

Another instance is those from Zionsville High School’s Multi-Disciplinary Instructional Center in Indiana. Here, the principal emphasizes that seniors need to work freely or one on one with their instructors. According to Remenschneider, “a storage area around 10000 square foot situated behind the administrative area was repurposed to suit this requirement.” The school classroom furniture was used to fill in the space and teachers’ work stations, providing comfort and relaxation among students and teachers.

The Mall Group Looking For Partners

Recently, people living in their Single House in Ratchaphruek received good news as the Mall Group recently opened the first Power Mall store at the nearby The Crystal SB Ratchapruek community mall. It seems that that’s only the beginning, as, now, the Mall Group is setting to open more specialty stores in different locations, as part of their new strategy to increase sales and profit for the group in the long run.

The recent opening of the Power Mall, an appliance store, at The Crystal SB is a single step in the Mall Group’s strategy. The store covers a total of 1,200m2 and is open 24 hours a day. The Bt50M investment is set to be followed by external moves, a rarity for the Mall Group, which made its first external move with the opening of the Gourmet Market in 2011.

To the convenience of everyone living in a Single House in Ratchaphruek, the first Gourmet Market was followed by three more, totalling to four Gourmet Market branches across Bangkok, located in the following areas:

  • Terminal 21, Asok intersection;
  • The Promenade, Ram Intra Rd.;
  • The Crystal SB Ratchapruek, Patchaphruek Rd., and;
  • LatPhrao Station.

According to JakkritKeeratichokchaikun, Power Mall’s Senior VP and Chief Merchandising Officer, Power Mall will followed by the opening by Be Trend and Sports Mall, which The Mall Group is looking to open outside of their own complexes.

Mr. Jakkrit also pointed out the high expectations looming over the SB Design Square Power Mall, as the company expects at least Bt300M worth of sales from the first operational year. The company also expects a 2% sales growth by the end of 2017, and an approximate growth of 7% in 2018, at least on the electrical appliance subset. Jakkrit says that they hope to be ahead of the rest of the industry, which expects a growth of 5%.

He adds that, with the customers having notably more to spend, especially since November of 2017, the company is expecting growth across the board.

Executive VP TanyaruckChawaldit of the SB Furniture Group says that the partnership between them and Power Mall  will allow the SB Design Square to become a one-stop shopping destination for those living in a Single House in Ratchaphruek, with shops handling furniture, home decor, groceries, among others.

Where To Find The World’s Most Expensive Bed Set

Want to know where the world’s most expensive bed set is?It’s right in Townhouse Galleria Milano, an Italian hotel, which has unveiled a neck breaking price tag. Forget about the price but you’ll want it for a good night sleep.

The hotel offers its guests staying at the presidential suite a chance to sleep in sheets woven with 24-carat gold. It may be surprisingly expensive, but you do sleep like a King and Queen.

If you feel like taking home this luxury bed set after your stay in this hotel, you will be billed €200,000 (£176,072).Obviously, it can really cost you a fortune.

However, there are only 100 linen sets available and they are wrapped in a luxurious box with a gold thread coil and guarantee certificate.

The bed set includes one double duvet cover, one bottom sheet and four pillowcases. Its glistening weave is down to 40% gold content.

The Milan-based hotel claims that the gold bed sheets should help invigorate wisdom and a passion for more knowledge. With the integration of the precious metal, it should magnify positive feelings, enhance self-esteem, courage and willpower, conveys vital energy, and suits a protective effect.  However, according to UK-based sleep expert Neil Stanley, it should make no difference in your sleeping pattern.

Townhouse Galleria Milano also offers inside its presidential suit some other luxury touches such as the double shower and marble-clad bathroom, aside from the gold sheets. This should make you feel like a Royal Blood taking a rest at the best rooms of the hotel.

It will also include a dining room and bedroom, with a balcony offering a breath-taking view of the city. It’s actually a beautiful experience that you can only try once in your lifetime.

To secure your privacy and safety and to avoid the luxury bed set from getting lost, you are provided with a 24-hour security system just outside the room. So this makes you really confident that any valuables are kept securely and safely.

If you prefer to stay in the presidential suite, it should cost you €2,723.40 (£2,397.04). An added €30 (£26.40) will suit delectable breakfast in your room.



Thai Bankers Unite To Improve IT Security

A group comprised of some of Thailand’s biggest financial institutions have banded together in order to address the many issues and concerns plaguing the IT systems of the country, such as the HR management software in Thailand and others, as well as to prepare the many software systems across the country from potential cyber threats.

The Thai Bankers’ Association (TBA) announced on October 30, Monday the formation of the new Thailand Banking Sector Computer Emergency Response Team (TB-CERT), a group comprised of 15 of the TBA’s member banks, who would work together in order heighten the country’s cyber security, which is particularly important now, particularly in the financial sector, as that sector is seeing a lot of new technologies being developed. The primarily goal of the TB-CERT is to improve the stability of Thailand’s financial sector, as well as to provide whatever assistance is available to the country’s cyber security efforts.

Thailand’s Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA), is the group’s sponsor, fitting, as this public organization is particularly focused on financial businesses across Thailand, which happens to be one of the country’s major points of infrastructure.

According to reports, the TB-CERT would have 4 main points in its operations:

  1. To act as a centre for information regarding cyber security in the country, up to and including but not limited to details on possible and actual cyber threats, and possible solutions.
  2. To create a cyber security standard for the development and application of any new innovations.
  3. To establish steps for dealing with threats, particularly those in the commercial banking sector.
  4. To support personnel development in the cyber security sector, via hiring people, informing HR departments not only of the workings of the HR management software in Thailand, but also with the knowledge of what makes cyber security tick.

All of these will go towards ensuring that Thailand’s financial institutions are ready for cyber security threats, and also in line with the standards recognized by the global cyber security and financial market.

The official launch of the TB-CERT was attended by numerous key figures, such as executives of member banks, as well as the governor of the Bank of Thailand, Veerathai Santipraphob.