Month: November 2017

Investment In Hotel Industry Lower In Asia Pacific But Higher In Thailand

The number one in hotel investment in Asia Pacific is Hong Kong with current deals at 11 totalling almost $1.5 billion, a report from JLL states. The second spot is given to Japan with activities amounting $1.2 billion. Despite the presence of budget accommodation in Sukhumvit and other hotels, Thailand is still booming.

For Hong Kong, a number of the deals can be converted into projects consisting of office and residential buildings. The last few years saw an increase in hotel owners trying to convert their establishments to office space because of the high demand.

JLL’s head of investment sales in Asia, Mike Batchelor, said that hotels are quite attractive in Hong Kong because of the lower rates in every square foot which is lower than other assets. These purchased hotels are then proposed to be transformed into office space.

It was 2013 when Japan saw an increase in hotel investment and it has continued to remain strong. Transactions until September 2017 have already reached a total of $1.2 billion. Tourism is expected to increase as the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 comes to a close. The government is targeting to have 40 million foreign travellers by that time.

Mr. Batchelor said that the hotel market in Japan is mostly dominated by local investors. Lately, there is an increase in the volume of international investments.

For Thailand, this year is still booming with $335 million investment in the hotel market. Majority of these investments are funnelled in Bangkok. The number is the highest since 2014. JLL played a big role in some of the hotels sold this year with a total selling price of $111.5 million.

The report states that the continued growth of Thailand is due to the stability of the politics government and the fact that hotels are more affordable compared to other countries in Asia. As a matter of fact, it has budget accommodation in Sukhumvit which attracts more travellers. Hotel investments are lower than 22 per cent as a whole in Asia Pacific mainly because of the low supply of hotels on the market.

When Is The Right Time For Shop Fitouts In Canberra

There are several reasons why commercial establishments are investing on modernizing their shops or outlets. One is to get a better impression from their customers, another is to provide a better working environment to their employees. Search for a service provider that is trusted by more customers and one that has positive reviews and testimonials. Although anytime is the right time to have shop fitouts in Canberra, there are perfect timing for the job and some of them include the following:

When you have the budget

Remodelling your shop involves a good amount of money. You have to factor in the expenses for the labour, materials and how the temporary downtime for your shop would impact on your income. However, if you would think about its benefits to your business, the decision to remodel your shop would be a good one. Ask for cost estimates to have an idea on how much you are going to spend for the project. Ask for cost estimates to at least three service providers in the industry. If you have the budget for it, take on with the project right away.

When your shop needs redesigning

Having an impressive shop fitouts in Canberra is also a great way to reintroduce your brand to the market. Remodelling your shop is also ideal if your shop has have the same look for over a decade. It would be worth it to give your establishment a fresh look that would attract customers and would have them checking your store. This is also suitable if you noticed that your shop has been lagging in sales or if there are new competitors in the industry. Having an attractive shop will make your business relevant despite having newcomers around.

During low season

You know exactly when the low season is for your business. Take the time to do shop fitouts in Canberra when your sales is low. For instance, if you sell summer wear, have the remodelling on a winter. If your shop runs on weekdays, have the project on a weekend. in the end, it’s all a matter of having the right timing.

Changing The Perception Towards Muscular Women In Bikinis

Women who feel confident about their bodies will not think twice about wearing sports bikini swimwear in public. Many bodybuilding sub-genres have become quite popular in Japan including “bikini fitness” that has resulted into Yuri Yasui becoming a cover girl for a magazine.

Yasui is a 33-year old 2-time Japanese champion who started working out to lose some weight. Yasui who is working as a bank employee in Nagoya, won her first national title less than a year after she started on the sport of female bodybuilding. Her family and friends were against the training because they did not want her to be flashing her body in a bikini.

Japanese men are not very keen on women with muscles but women are now working out regularly at gyms. They have had a change in attitude and are now lifting weights. Yasui believes that having a tiny waist and round bum requires building muscle. Yasui eats horsemeat for breakfast and lunch to keep her body fat low. Ever since college, she wanted a Wonder Woman hourglass figure with a small waist, big breasts and buttocks. She worked for her dream and she succeeded.

Of the 3,000 bodybuilders that have registered with Japan’s national federation, 10% were women who wanted to be a part of the nationwide fitness boom. In ageing Japan, most of those who join are women who are in their 40’s and 50’s and have grownup children. Yamanaouchi, a self-confessed gym rat is Japan’s poster girl for the growing population of female bodybuilding enthusiasts.

Yamanaouchi wants to change the perception towards muscular women. People freak out when they learn that Yamanaouchi is a bodybuilder. Her husband did not like her wearing a bikini in front of strangers but he came around. There is beauty in a muscular woman sporting a skimpy gold sports bikini.

There are sports bikini swimwear designed for the next generation of women who are dedicated to an active lifestyle. Aside from the comfortable and secure fit, the sports bikini makes a woman feel confident. There is a wide selection available from online stores so that you can conveniently shop from the comfort of home.

Tax Audit Insurance: Who Should Purchase Them?

A tax audit insurance is different from a car insurance in such a way that it is not compulsory. You can opt from having a tax audit insurance if you think that you do not need it. However, you never know when you are going to be subjected to a tax enquiry and when that happens, you do not want to be financially caught off guard since the process involves payments and professional fees. Tax insurance is generally offered by accounting firms to their clients. Although tax audit insurance is not mandatory, you will be amazed at its benefits.

By having a tax audit insurance, you can be sure that all the professional fees and other expenses accrued during the process will be covered by the insurance company. The audit will be instigated by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) or by other concerned government agencies. Reviews can be done on lodged return or compliance obligation. The audit can be done randomly with subjects chosen at random as well or they can be conducted among tax payers or businesses with questionable tax statements or misrepresentations that warrant an enquiry. Although one is not required to have a tax audit insurance, those who are susceptible to audits are advised to have an insurance.

Businesses and commercial establishments

The government can hold random audits among business establishments or firms to ensure tax compliance such as land and payroll tax, fringe benefits tax, workers compensation, goods and services tax, employer obligation and others. The ATO and other government agencies can peruse the company’s tax records, books and other related documents. The process can take days to weeks and it can be time-consuming. To avoid the hassles, it would be suitable for a business or commercial establishment to have a representative who will be represent in their behalf during the enquiry.

Professionals and individuals

Ordinary tax payers are advised to obtain tax audit insurance in order for the person to have an accountant to represent him during the tax inquiry. To obtain a tax audit insurance, consult your accountant so he can coordinate with the tax audit insurance company.

Stranger Things Celebrates Return With Inspiring Wall Art Hours Before Premiere

Stranger Things is a popular sci-fi television show that garnered unprecedented amounts of attention last year, when it released on Netflix. The show revolves around supernatural happenings in a story narrated by 3 boys and a girl, where the girl has powers to access the supernatural side. The second season is set to start on October 27th and fans have been gearing for it for the past year. The result, some amazing wall art.

The Popular Science Shop is now selling an amazing wall art poster on their website for just $13.95. By buying this poster, fans may also get opportunities to win a free Netflix subscription for the next three to five years. This comes as a boon for many as the prices of Netflix subscriptions are also on the rise. This poster, curated and produced by Lynx Art Collection has every reason to have their fans’ socks in a twist. It shows the show’s protagonist, a science experiment called Eleven, who is able to access the demonic universe. She is bleeding from the nose which is an indication that she has just used her supernatural powers. At the bottom of the poster there is also one of the demons that appeared towards the end of the first season’s last episodes. This perfect mix of dark hues and the color of blood is sure to have fans excited, and is an excellent way to rekindle interest in the show before the start of the new season.

This piece of wall art is printed on 100lb photo paper with a polar white color which makes it that much more beauty. Printing this important piece of art on simple 100 GSM paper will just not cut it and will definitely leave fans disappointed. That is why Lynx Art Collection chose this particular type of paper to print this picture on. This poster can be bought as a gift for a known fan of Stranger Things, or can even be bought for yourself. It is currently on a massive 40% discount for the smallest size. However the larger sizes of this poster are not on discount.

15,000 Went To Open House Hosted By Moto Guzzi

This year Moto Guzzi is celebrating the 96 years since it launched its very first production of motorbikes. In support of the celebration, 15,000 riders under the Italian firm were gathered at the event site, Lake Como. Only riders were invited although Moto Guzzi dealer would have been happy to be a witness of the event.

The riders came from different parts of Europe and they all came together at the Mandello del lario where the event for the Open House 2017 was hosted. They were able to participate in various activities such as touring the factory of the Moto Guzzi, visiting the museum and see up close more than 150 different types of Guzzis.

The highlight of the event was the village created by Moto Guzzi which houses all types of Moto Guzzi model every made since their launch. There were a lot of things that happened during the event including an experience to see the production lines where the motor bikes of the Italian brand are actually created. They were able to see how all bikes are built by hand and live music was present all over the site.

Gianfranco Guareschi was the guest of honor during the event and he was recently awarded after winning the Imola endurance race which lasted for 4 hours. He was equipped with MGS-01 during the race.

The same event was also taken advantage by the motorcycle manufacturer based in Italy as it is the 50th year since the V7 was first launched to the public in 1967.

At the beginning of this year, Guzzi was able to launch the V7 III Anniversario but they did not stop the celebration there as the event is another way to celebrate the V7. Owners of the legendary machine were all invited to the Open House in order to receive a commemorative certificate that owners their ownership of the bike.

During the entire event, there are a number of motorcycles from the V7 and V9 that were accessible to be used for a test ride. The Italian brand also introduced the V9 Bobber which made Moto Guzzi dealer excited and it was dubbed as the Open House machine.

Where To Find A Qualified Electrician In Wynnum

At some point, you will need and electrician in Wynnum to fix your electrical problems and keep your family and your property safe. When you need one to hire one, here are some sources of electrician’s information.

Local electrical company

Where else can you better find an electrician but from your local electrical service provider. If you have friends working at the company, ask them if they can recommend a reliable electrician for you or you can visit the electrical company’s website and see how you can coordinate with one of their electricians. Make sure that you will hire a contractor with valid license and the right insurances. For more sensitive or elaborate electrical works, hire a senior electrician for the job. For minor repairs, hire an electrical journeyman.

Neighbourhood electricians

You will be surprised to know that there are qualified electricians in your neighbourhood. All you have to do is ask your neighbours or your friends if they know of a nearby electrician that you can call. One advantage of neighbourhood electrician is he is known in your area and his rate can be lower compared to those who are hired by electrical companies. Neighbourhood electrician in Wynnum have usually worked longer in the industry so you can rely on their expertise and experience. The only thing about independent electricians is that you cannot be sure if they have formal trainings or certificates. The least of your requirements should be a valid license to ensurebetter work quality.

Refer to the yellow pages

The yellow pages may be a traditional source of information but they remain reliable when it comes to finding qualified electrician. For options, you can also check the classified ads on your local papers. The only downside yellow pages is that the information you can get from them is limited. You cannot find customer reviews or specializations unlike online sources.  Yellow pages may not also provide updated information on electrician in Wynnum since yellow pagesare updated on a yearly basis. Some of the electrical service providers may no longer be available or have changed their contact information by the time you call them.