Month: October 2017

Land Rover Experience Tour Partnered With Goodyear

This year’s Land Rover Experience Tour started on October 14 and they decided to partner with Goodyear. The company’s Wrangler DuraTrac tyres will be used during the tour and its limit will finally be tested during the vent. The expedition will last for four weeks wherein there is a selected number of participants from all over the globe. They will be driving the Land Rover Discovery SUVs which are equipped with the Wrangler DuraTrac tyres from Goodwill. Just as much importance is given in Gold Coast tyres as the ones used in these expeditions. Through the tour, the tyres will be tested on various road conditions.

The Wrangler DuraTrac line by Goodyear was created in order to adapt with tough terrains such as mountain roads with high angles, sand dunes, riverbeds, and gravels with sharp edges. All of these terrains will be encountered by those who are joining the expedition. As they tackle the off road parts of the tour, the drivers will be able to fully appreciate the TractiveGroove Technology employed by Goodyear on their tyres. This is developed in order for the tyres to have better tractions when they travel on snow or mud. Moreover, the shoulder blocks have a self cleaning capacity which is easier for them to eliminate the accumulated mud, dirt and gravel.

On road driving will help them appreciate the centre tread blocks which are angled very accurately. This is to increase the traction of the vehicle as well as its lateral stability. This will also help in eliminating road noise.

According to Jaguar Land Rover Germany’s head of marketing communications, Christian Uhrig, Goodyear is known to have a remarkable track record when it comes to the 4×4 tyres that they design and manufacture. These tyres are award winning as well. They have been partnering in various events since the 70s after the fitting of their tyres on the very first manufactured Range Rover. Their relationship continues even after the creation of next-generation tyres. They are happy that this year they were able to sign with Goodyear as their exclusive tyre supplier.

It is important for them to partner with a reliable company and customers searching for Gold Coast tyres will surely be searching for these next generation types of tyres.

Security System Suitable For The Elderly Population

Elderly people are not well-versed when it comes to technology. This does not mean that they cannot benefit from the safety and security provided by commercial security alarms and home security systems. The possibility of crimes happening around an elderly home is higher this is why it is essential for seniors to have a complete security system.

If you have an elderly in your family, leaving them at home on their own is not safe. It is best to invest in a home security system that will help ensure their safety and well-being while they are alone at home or if you are not at home with them. There are hundreds of security products in the market but the most important ones for seniors include security cameras, medical alert systems, home automation, remote control access, doorbell cameras, alarm systems and energy management.

Security cameras are important because convicted burglars have admitted that they tend to avoid properties that are equipped with such. This is one of the best reasons why you should install one for an elderly home. Having security cameras will also ensure that real time monitoring can be done. Children who are living far from their parents’ home will be able to keep an eye on them through these cameras.

Medical alert systems are very important for an elderly because their health is not the same. Through this system, they will be attended to immediately in case they are not feeling well. These systems often comes with an accessory they can wear in order to trigger the alarm and notify assistance. Some are equipped with sensors that will be able to detect if the wearer fell down.

Home automation is important for an elderly because their memory is not as sharp as before. They tend to forget to lock doors and windows before going to sleep or when they leave the house. Control can be done remotely by other people or children that are far from home. These commercial security alarms will not only help an elderly in case of a crime but in other unfortunate incidents as well such as a fire or a carbon monoxide leak.

Rooms And Services Provided At The Sukhumvit S15, A Boutique Hotel Near Asoke BTS

Bangkok is a bustling metropolitan city of nearly 8 million souls. Finding a cheap place to live will not be easy in most parts of this city. Finding cheap accommodation near the heart of the city will be a nigh on impossible task. But to quash these fears away, the S15 Sukhumvit offers affordable hotel accommodation near Asoke, one of the most happening places in Bangkok. This boutique hotel is appropriately situated near the Asoke BTS and the MRT Sukhumvit stations, and is at a walkable distance from nearly 50 points of interest, including bars, restaurants and shops. The rooms offered at S15 are the Deluxe Room, Junior Suite, Jacuzzi Suite and the Business suite.

  • Deluxe room: With a space of nearly 322 sq. ft, the cheapest room on offer in S15 provides you with either a king size bed or twin single size beds upon request. The earthy tones provide a calming sensation and lets the guests relax in their rooms while watching a movie or browsing the internet. Everything from air conditioning to internet television and a mini refrigerator can be found in this room, leaving none of the guests wanting.
  • Junior Suite: This nearly 400 sq. ft room offers a large king sized bed in a luxurious canopy cot, apart from a supreme Italian sofa set in the room. These additions imbue some glamour and panache into this room. It offers the same benefits, if not more, as the Deluxe Room, but of course with additional space and a carpeted floor.
  • Jacuzzi suite: It is a fact that Bangkok is famous for its Thai massages and its relaxing scents. But only one thing can beat that and that is the feeling when your body slips into a Jacuzzi. This de-stressing feeling can be experienced in the Jacuzzi suite rooms of this hotel, where a Jacuzzi is substituted for the customary bathtub found in all the rooms. This is the perfect room for couples and business guests who are in search of affordable hotel accommodation near Asoke, with the benefits of a truly relaxing atmosphere.
  • Business suite: This is the most elegant of the rooms present here, and is sized at approximately 550 sq. ft. It contains the most elegant four-poster canopy bed, along with an L-shaped sofa, and a separate zone for working which contains high-tech audio equipment. This type of room can suit every type of traveler as it contains a little bit of everything for ever