Month: March 2017

Commonwealth Games Baton From London To The Gold Coast

Last week the baton for 2018 Commonwealth Games began its journey from Buckingham Palace across all the nations and territories of the Commonwealth to Gold Coast, Australia, its final destination. During its journey, the baton carries with it a message from the Queen that has been inscribed on paper made from Australia’s spinifex glass. After 388 days and 230,000 kilometres the baton will reach the Gold Coast.

The baton features a strip of reflective stainless steel that evokes the iconic skyscrapers of the coast. It also includes flashing LED lights to symbolize the energy of people that call the region their home. The Gold Coast which is located 40 miles south of Brisbane in Queensland is composed of 35 miles of honey-coloured beaches that are perfect for surfing.

The Gold Coast stretches from Main Beach in the north to the laid back sands of Coolangatta in the South. There is no question about Gold Coast being a surfer’s paradise where stores sell bikini’s and branded board shorts for both the locals and tourists. Every morning, you watch the Pacific Ocean as it pounds the shore. Aside from surfing, there are other ways to enjoy the waters.

South Stradbroke or Straddie is the favourite haunt of surfers. It is also the home of the swamp wallaby, an animal that has lived in isolation for so long that it gained a unique ginger-coloured and white-tipped tail.

The Gold Coast however, is not just a coastline because beyond its shore can be found the “green behind the gold.” This is the region’s hinterland, an area that is surrounded by volcanoes. The Tambourine Mountain, a 1,500 feet high plateau was formed from volcanic eruptions 22 million years ago. The soil in the area is very rich and perfect for growing avocados, macadamia nuts and kiwis.

At the Gold Coast, there are many locally-owned businesses that have established an excellent reputation and proven track record. For cleaning services, the best option is commercial cleaners in Gold Coast with fully trained and experienced staff that will guarantee 100% satisfaction. They understand the demands of hectic and busy world and will ensure that your office is well taken care of.

Condo Development Phuket: The Best Ones

Nowadays, most people would prefer to live in a condominium whether it’s a high-rise or a low-rise condominium. And in most countries like the Philippines where condominiums are fast rising every now and then, more and more people are living the life of those who belong in the top sector of the society because some condominium projects offer flexible and reasonably-affordable payment plans for units. In fact, some condominium projects are way cheaper to buy when the units are not yet constructed. In short, they are still in pre-selling stage. Now, condo development projects are now becoming a trend in the construction industry. According to experts, the reason behind this rapid growth is the technological advancement which allow constructors, engineers and architecture to create a building by just a touch of the screen. To make it short, the industry is now high-tech. Now, Phuket, a province in the Kingdom of Thailand has a great number of condominiums, mostly near the shorelines. Condo development in Phuket has becoming a trend within the vicinity of the province but the question is: Is it beneficial?

To begin with, the province of Phuket is consisted of mostly beach resorts which is primarily the reason why it has become one of Thailand’s major tourist destinations aside from the capital city of Bangkok. And like Bangkok, Phuket, even though it’s a province, is slowly getting filled with middle-rise condominiums that are mostly occupied by vacationists, both local and foreign. Yes, it’s beneficial especially in terms of providing local employment opportunities. In addition to this, Condo development in Phuket enables local economy to prosper furthermore and become a tourist hub it has become now. Nowadays, there are many condominiums in Phuket but below are 5 of the considerably best condo development projects that prospered within the vicinity of the province:

  • The View
  • Rawai Villas
  • The Charm
  • The Beach Front
  • The Ace Xclusive

All of the mentioned condominium projects in Phuket are considerably-expensive but if you want to enjoy the life of a rich person, you will definitely need to pay millions of Thai Baht. Condo development Phuket is a trend that might stay for a long time and you can expect more condo rising up in the area.

A Celebration Given To A WWII Veteran For His Service

Bill Heck is a 96 year old WWII veteran who still remembers many things that he have experienced while joining the war. His most unforgettable memory includes his time as the pilot of the Grumman F6F Hellcat. His loved ones are making effort in order for him to feel that they remember and that he should not forget the memories as well.

At the start of February this year, a celebration was held for him that was organized by his family, friends as well as the staff of the LaPlaya Golf Club located in Naples. The celebration centered on his previous contributions and the achievements he have attained after joining the club as the beginner in the gold course.

A thank you gift was given to him and it was the photo canvas of the machine he has flown in the war – the Hellcat. The canvas is now displayed in the den of his home. Another thank you gift was a check for $4,600 which was given as donation to the nonprofit organization called The Collings Foundation. The foundation was established in 1979 and it aims to preserve as well as exhibit various historical artifacts including aircrafts.

Heck was very humbled with the gifts and he admitted that he don’t know why he was chosen. He does not consider himself a hero though he had always hoped to become one but was never presented the opportunity.

According to the leader of the event and also a club member, Glenn Stevens, Heck is valued by all the members in the club. Heck answered that he is quite embarrassed by the statement but happy at the same time.

Heck was never given the chance to fly and join a combat but he has a big role when it comes to protecting the nation. It was in 1943 that the U.S Navu awarded him with wings and was assigned to a training unit where he was involved with F6F Hellcat – a fighter plan that is carrier based and developed by the Americans. The photo canvas awarded to him was considered by Heck as the best canvas prints he has ever seen.

How To Keep Chicken Wings Warm And Crispy

Chicken wings are one of the most favourite party appetizers. If you are planning to invite your friends over or make it as your show off your cooking prowess to your family, cook a delectable set of chicken wings in Hong Kong for everybody. There are different ways to cook chicken wings but one of the most favourite is deep fried until they are golden brown. However, one of the challenges in preparing chicken wings is how to keep them warm and crispy for your visitors and family.  Here are simple ways to do it.

  • To cook chicken wings thoroughly, use a slow cooker. Pat the chicken wings dry after rinsing them. Place the wings on a broiler or roasting pan and broil the wings for 10 minutes on each side or until both sides are golden brown. As an option, you can also bake the wings for 12 minutes on each side at 450F. When done, transfer the chicken wings to your slow cooker together with the sauce for 4 hours if the cooker is on high or 8 hours for low. Serve after.
  • Your slow cooker should be able to accommodate the number of chicken wings in Hong Kong you intend to serve. A 6 qt. Slow cooker can take in 24 to 36 wings while a 4 qt. Can cook 18 to 24 wings. Put 1 cup of sauce for every 12 wings.
  • To keep the chicken wings warm after you are done cooking them, place the chicken wings in a preheated slow cooker. If the wings have already gone cold and you would like to reheat them, set the oven or microwave to 165 degrees. When done, transfer the chicken wings to a slow cooker. To prevent perishing, set the slow cooker to 140 degrees.
  • To lower the risk of food poisoning, pre-heat the slow cooker for an hour on the first hour then turn the temperature to low after. Some slow cookers have timers so you can just set the time to an hour for a perfect chicken wings in Hong Kong.

The Daunting Task Of Searching For Holiday Apartments In Berlin

If you will visit Berlin, you will find out that it is quite difficult to find a holiday apartment that is available through online sites like Airbnb. The reason is Berlin’s government has banned most of the holiday flats that are being lent out to tourists. If the authorities find out that a home is illegally being used as a holiday apartment, the owner faces fines of up to €100,000 (£78,000).

Most tips regarding illegal holiday apartments come from Berliners who have had enough of all-night partying and noisy strangers. Some critics have accused the government of snooping but inspectors are able to gain support from neighbours. People are warm and friendly but they complain about holiday flats because of dirt and noise. Berliners want to know who their neighbours are.

However, the law is not about the complaints of Berliners but because of rising rents and the lack of housing. Between 2009 and 2014, rents in apartments increased by 56% in Berlin. Berlin is very attractive to young artists all over the world. At the same time, Berlin’s population is growing fast making it increasingly difficult to find affordable apartments in the city.

Another challenge that Berlin faces is the influx of millions of immigrants and refugees in Germany in 2015. If homes will be used as holiday flats, it will exacerbate the housing problem because the apartment will be taken off the market. Holiday apartments can also be blamed for the high rents. If an apartment is let out to tourists for a few days, the revenue is equal to a typical month’s rent.

Airbnb is popular among tourists because there are holiday apartments that are more affordable to rent than hotel rooms. However, the social welfare of the Berliners must be placed ahead of the individual rights of businesses and property owners.

If you prefer to spend a holiday in Castara and enjoy the peaceful and blissful village life, your best option is Castara Bliss Apartments that are nestled on the hillside and allow you an amazing view of the Caribbean Sea. Each apartment is fully equipped with modern amenities to make your stay extra comfortable and relaxing.

Caterpillar Introduces Automation Solutions To Mining Operators

Caterpillar is considered as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy machinery. Caterpillar warned mining firms not to rest on their laurels now that the mining industry is coming back after the severe downturn that resulted into the closure of mining companies’ operations to cut down on costs.

During a presentation at the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Explorations meeting at the Peoria, Caterpillar showed how its new machine, Cat MineStar can increase productivity and profitability as well as assist firms in reaping more benefits from the current recovery in the price of commodities.

Cat MineStar is a comprehensive suite of mining technology products that will help miners in configuring technologies that they require. It will also provide them everything from material tracking to a sophisticated real-time fleet management, machine health system, autonomous equipment system and a lot more.

The package of solutions offered by Caterpillar that is already being adopted by 220 sites all over the world has been designed to provide support and help mining firms maximize returns and efficiency. Majority of the users of these automation tools are based in the Asia-Pacific region and North America but the company knows that there are opportunities present in other markets like Europe and South America.

In the past 12 months, the mining industry suffered from a severe slump but now that the industry is recovering, Caterpillar has introduced the solution for the improvement of current equipment performance. The goal of Caterpillar is to help mining operators gain the most benefits from their acquisitions.

CAT has heavily invested in the research and development of digital tools that will reduce the number of equipment used during the mining operations. It might be counterintuitive but during a downturn, the industry will manage to thrive and improve operational capabilities.

The hammer mill manufacturer provides miners with equipment that can efficiently shred and crush different materials into smaller pieces through the strong repeated blows of its hammers. Aside from the mining industry, hammer mills can also be applied to other industries that require size reduction of raw materials before it is processed into a product.