Month: October 2016

Horrific Interior Design Goes Viral

A Zillow listing describes the property in 24 Brentwood Dr., Avon, Connecticut to be a house with unique finishing that was done by a professional. Real estate hunters would then be surprised when they view the 40 pictures that come with the listing.

To say that the house is over decorated is an understatement; it can even be described as grotesque. Almost all surfaces are splattered with paint that resembles blood. There are squiggles that look like intestines in the shade of pink and copper. Cheesecloth that are tattered seemed to add a ghostly effect to the spaces while there are a number of rudimentary faces that can be seen in some of the rooms of the house. Overall, visiting the property would feel like you have visited a haunted pancreas.

Just like anything that seems out of the norm these days, it goes viral in social media where many readers are fascinated and there are those that are terrified. Twitter was flooded with posts regarding the house with some users referring to it as a set for the season 8 of American Horror Story.

While many may brand the house as a lair of a murderer, a set for a horror movie or even Hellmouth, the truth is that it is considered a piece of art.

Just like any artwork, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and many people will have different opinions. The name of the artwork is Brentwood, no. 24 and is designated as Fermata Arts Foundation’s headquarters. This is also their first project.

Nikolay Synkov, an artist, is the founder of Fermata Arts Foundation. It was created in 2008. According to Synkov, the mission of the foundation is to help preserving peace with the use of poetry, art, philosophy and architecture. The foundation has other branches located in the country of Georgia and Ukraine. It is in partnership with a number of organizations located in Eastern Europe and what used to be USSR. For the organization, interior decoration Thailand is an art just like in Thailand. The foundation have other upcoming projects such as a proposition to create a Center for the Arts to be built in Latvia and to receive art exchange students coming from Ukraine, Italy, Latvia, Bulgaria and Kazakhstan.


When Thailand Mourns A Beloved Monarch

Thailand was plunged in deep mourning due to the death of their well-loved King Bhumibol Adulyadej; however, for the tourism industry the show must go on. Thailand and Hong Kong remains to be the favorite destination of tourists. In Thailand, businesses, tourist attractions and public transport remain open but management understands if some employees have to take leave because they are in mourning.

According to Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, Thailand will hold a one year mourning period but for the sake of the economy, entertainment functions will only be toned down for a month. Because of the government’s desire to preserve the economy, resorts will be open for accommodation, dining and retail but they will not organize entertainment shows. Guests are assured that facilities will remain to function because business has to go on.

According to Allan Zeman , chairman of LanKwai Fong Group, the mourning period will not affect Thailand’s tourism industry because it remains to be a beautiful country with lots of beaches and historical sites. Even if there are no entertainment functions, there is still too much to do in Thailand. In fact, two of Zeman’s resorts in Phuket will remain open.

The Thais are confident of the country’s stability under the present government. Visitors must not be surprised if people went about their normal business activities with a heavy heart. The Thais are wearing black and shedding tears due to their king’s death. Large photographs of the king can be found in front of shops as an expression of the people’s sadness and as a sign of respect.

King Bhimibol Adulyadejhas ruled Thailand for 70 years. Thais love him because he travelled to all parts of the country to understand his people and help in their difficulties. He was the longest reigning monarch of the world; a king who will always occupy an esteemed position in Thailand’s heart and mind.

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New Content Marketing Platform From Changi Airport

Now Boarding is the new content marketing platform that was recently introduced by Changi Airport located in the country of Singapore. Now Boarding offers a lot to travelers including travel tips and essential information regarding special offers as well as events that are going to be held at Changi Airport. It offers itself as a tool for travelers to shop and a lifestyle destination which also offers an option for travelers to catch their plane for their next travel adventure.

It was in a press release that the airport group was able to explain more about the platform. It clarifies that it has three different types of content themes – Discover Changi, Go Global and Live Local. The platform is not only targeting international travelers but local residents at the same time that have always desired to travel for a holiday but cannot find an inspiration anywhere else.

According to Changi Airport Group’s Senior Vice President of corporate and marketing communications, Ivan Tan, the platform was created as part of the group’s plan to develop Changi and make it a place suitable not only for boarding flights but an interesting travel destination where travelers’ holiday and happy memories about the trip starts.

The news of the launching was released nine months after it was reported that Changi airport became one of the brands located in Singapore to hire its very own content marketing agency. It is now working with King Content. The content that may be seen at the Now Boarding platform was produced by King Content.  The design of the site and the content hub, on the other hand, was developed by the advertising agency working with Changi Airport Group – J. Walter Thompson.

Content marketing was discussed in a recent panel debate during a conference held in Singapore. During the conference, Janice Chan who is Starwood Hotels and Resorts’ director of digital marketing announced that many of the content branding launched is just full of crap. She also added that a travel brand should be able to offer users not just useful but valuable content. This is the very reason why Changi Airport hired its very own content marketing agency and is now reaping the rewards.

Essential Changes To Laws Regarding Domestic Violence

In recent news, the Michigan Legislature has already approved seven bills which is to change some points in the existing Domestic Violence Laws. The changing was done in an attempt to stop domestic violence as well as make the current laws stronger. It was Governor Snyder who signed the changes and took effect last May.

  • It limits the power of the court in intervening during the divorce proceeding in cases where there is a PPO or personal protection order that has been filed by the defendant against the abuser or if there is an existing case in court with regards to abuse done by one of the parties involved. Before this, it was not recommended for the court to order mediation but most of the times, many victims are forced to take on mediation where they have to be in one room and think about the case in order to reach an agreement together with their abuser who they have managed to escape from domestic violence. This new law will protect those who have been a victim of abuse from facing their abuser during the mediation process. The only exemption is that if the victim is the one who asked for mediation in court.
  • The pets of the victim can be given the PPO or Personal Proctection Order. Abusers are known to use the pets of the victims in order to control them into doing what they want. This new law will make sure that abusers will not have access to the victims as well as their pets.
  • HB4479 and HB4788. The penalties are higher for abusers who know at the time of the abuse that the victim is pregnant. For the third offence, the abuser will be charged with 5 year felony.
  • This is a law protecting the address of the victim. During an escape, victims of abuse want to make sure that their address is not accessible to the abuser. Instead of the usual process serving, there are other alternative services which will be used in order to protect the current location of the victim.

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Helpful Tips When The Basement Is Flooded

Recently, basement started to be used for different purposes aside from being a storage or junk room. The basement can be turned into an entertainment room or a family hangout complete with carpets, electronics and music. Nobody wants their basement to turn into an indoor swimming pool but it can’t be prevented in the event of a flood.

According to the National Flood Insurance Program, floods are the number one natural disaster in the United States. From 2011 to 2015, average flood claims amounted to more than $46,000. A lot of basements were flooded and most homeowners have to pay anywhere from $500 to $10,000 to restoration companies that will ensure the basement is back to its original form before the water damage. According to Angie’s List, if the flooding is substantial, restoring the basement will cost as much as $50,000.

Homeowners will certainly be overwhelmed with the damages but it is important to keep your wits to minimize the damages. If flooding has just started, it is important to immediately shut off of the power to the basement to prevent a fire in case water reaches electrical appliances. Once it’s done, you start rescuing belongings that you do not want ruined like carpets, photographs, books, etc.

If you were unable to switch off the power safely, do not attempt to go down to the basement. Water is an electric conductor and you certainly do not want yourself electrocuted. It is also important to determine whether the flood waters include wastewater backup from the sump pump. If you have accidentally touched the waters, sanitize your hands thoroughly.

Start cleaning as soon as the flood waters subside because the longer water sits of your belongings, the more damages they will sustain. Act fast; remove your soaked carpets, drywall and furniture to prevent mold and mildew infestation.

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Thailand’s Rural Areas Supported By Volunteer Care Network

The Baan Mai village is located in Chiang Mai province in the northern part of Thailand. The village is home to about 54 households with 240 people in total. Fifty eight of these residents are composed of older people, and four of them are living alone.


The home of Prakai in the Baan Mai village


Prakai is an 85 year old woman who has been living alone ever since the passing of her husband about 10 years ago. For already 2 years now, she has been bedridden. She has a carer.


Prathana, who is her only daughter, is married but lives close by and visits most of the time. Prathana is employed as a nurse at a hospital in Chiang Mai, and she is also a teacher at a school for nurses. She paid 5,000 baht for Prakai’s wheelchair and 12,000 baht for the nursing care bed.


Prakai’s carer visits her every day. The woman has an 8,000 baht monthly salary. In other countries like Japan, the costs are covered by insurance. However, there is no such Thailand insurance (ไทยประกันชีวิต) like that of Japan which makes care a household expense.


Prakai receives a monthly old age pension of 600 baht from the Thai government. However, this is insufficient for the care that she needs. In addition to her old age pension, she receives a 10,000 baht monthly survivor’s pension since her late husband worked for a government bank.


Once per month, she goes to a public hospital on her wheelchair for a physical exam. Basic healthcare services under the universal healthcare scheme of the Thai government are free.


The Volunteer Care Network


Prakai is among the more fortunate older people living in Thailand because she has access to support and care.


Daughters have usually been shouldering the care burden in Thailand according to the Foundation for Older Persons’ Development (FOPDEV). The youngest daughter is usually expected to provide care to her parents. In the past years, there are many childless and single child families with a decrease in potential carers.


Instead, volunteers organized on a sub-district level are relied on by people living in rural areas. In Thailand, there are over 1 million volunteers helping in hygiene projects and regional health. There are 18 of them in Baan Mai. They receive a very minimal amount of 600 baht monthly but the desire to volunteer is intense due to their Buddhist roots.