Month: August 2016

When Should You Book Your Flight For The Christmas Getaway?

It is still August, but it is the best time of the year to plan and prepare for the Christmas getaway. According to research made by Scanner in Australia, it is best to book your flight this week or the next to enjoy the best deals. December is the most expensive time of the year for travel so that it is suggested to book your flight 17 weeks in advance of the holidays.

Seventeen weeks from today and the school holidays will be begin in some schools meaning those who are planning to leave Australia for the holidays will only have a few weeks to book their flight to take advantage of discounts. If you are planning to spend the holiday in another part of the world, today is the perfect time to start doing your research for advance bookings. According to Bessie Hassan of PR Australia, at least 5% to 25% can be saved from the original price of a plane ticket.

Generally, advance booking will help you save some money but seventeen to nineteen weeks before the school holiday is where you will save the most because many people are still dilly dallying with their plans for the holidays. However, if your plans for the holiday break are to simply spend them interstate, you still have more time to book your flight since the best deals are usually offered five to eleven weeks before the departure date.

Based on an analysis of Jetstar, Qantas, Tigerair and Virgin Australia flights, Tuesdays and Thursdays are considered as the cheapest day to fly on the domestic carriers particularly the early morning, late night or lunch time flights. It goes without saying that you have to pay more for your flight on weekends especially Friday night. If it is absolutely necessary to fly on a weekend, do so during Saturday lunch time.

Speaking of Christmas, some retailers have started to offer Women’s Christmas sweaters because some consumers may want to start their holiday shopping early to enjoy cheaper prices. Prices of products particularly those associated with Christmas tend to go up when the holiday season is just a few weeks away. Shop now and enjoy the best deals.

Weird Costumes Worn By Harley Quinn For Suicide Squad

During the time when the casts of the Suicide Squad are still unknown, many are already waiting for the announcement. When it was confirmed that Margot Robbie will be playing the role of Harley Quinn, a lot of the fans rejoiced over the news. The enthusiasm that was shown by the fans has resulted to hundreds of images online that were edited using software such as Photoshop. Each of these photos contains images of Robbie in different costumes. There are those that edited her to be wearing the jester suit while there are those that adapted the look from the Arkham Asylum. Due to those sample photos, many were excited to see the actual costumes on the film but the preview left them quite disappointed.

The only positive thing about it is that Margot Robbie’s aura is enough to make the costume look good. The color schemes used are perfect while the accessories she used are very much like the ones seen in the comic books. Overall, she has a stellar look. Though the fans have already accepted her look and the costume, they are still dreaming about what could be better alternative for Harley Quinn’s costume.

The fans received some good news then because the Comic-Con issue from the Entertainment Weekly published an article following an interview with the costume designer of the Suicide Squad movie, Kate Hawley. They were able to talk about the potential look of the character as well the themes that inspired the final costume used on the film.

According to a report published by Batman-News after having read the Comic-Con issue, Hawley revealed that her inspiration for the costumes of Harley were influenced by Mexican drug cartels posted on Instagram. She also took inspiration from various rock and roll legends such as Patti Smith, Debbie Harry and Courtney Love. The movie costumes of Joker played by Jared Leto also took inspiration from the drug lords showcased on Instagram. Hawley also revealed that she wanted the sex appeal of Harley to work on its own and not to center her outfit based on what will make Joker happy.