Month: June 2016

How The Popularity Of Convenience Stores Affected Packaging Design

Almost £500 million was invested by corrugated packaging industry towards innovations over the last three years so that digital printing technology can be improved. The demand for retail-ready packaging has increased dramatically including point of sale merchandising units. Consumer shopping habits have changed and it now dictating the future of corrugated packaging designs.

Consumers nowadays have busier lives that they usually do shopping at convenience stores. The change in consumer preference has resulted into growth in convenience stores estimated at 22% or £20.2 billion by 2020. For packaging designers including the supply chain, this requires addressing the issue from a different angle. Since convenience stores are a lot smaller than supermarkets and groceries, they have less shelf storage. The size of packaging for fresh and chilled food as well as meals-for-tonight has to be significantly reduced in order to maximize shelf storage including back-of-the house space.

For packaging designers, reduction in the size of packaging means additional costs because they have to create small packs that will enhance the appeal of fresh foods. Food packages must be easier and quicker to unpack so as to maximize brand impact. Since the packs are smaller, manufacturers will expect lower costs because fewer resources will be required. The introduction of the thin film cold wrap technology will ensure cost reduction and make the packs easier to prepare for shelf storage. The technology is not only flexible but it can also enhance efficiency of delivery systems. This solution consumes fewer resources and materials to negate the impact of smaller packages.

Meanwhile, corrugated boxes also have its merits because it provides superior protection when shipping even if it does not provide maximum appeal for fresh and chilled food in shelves. Corrugated boxes are also being subjected to innovations so that its strength can be combined with the excellent shelf presentation of thin film cold wrap. is your online source for different types of packaging supplies including corrugated boxes for your shipping needs. High quality packaging materials are offered at very affordable prices with custom printing as an option to personalize packaging and make it unique from the competition.

Road To Connect India, Myanmar And Thailand

According to reports, the three countries including Myanmar, Thailand and India, are now planning to construct a highway that will serve bridge between India and the rest of the Southeast Asian countries. The highway is expected to be 1,400 kilometer in length and will the first project that will link the countries. The project is expected to not only increase the trade between these countries but also to have cultural exchanges among them.

According to Bhagwant Singh Bishnoi, the Indian Ambassador to Thailand, there are currently 73 bridges located in Myanmar that were constructed more than 70 years ago during the WWII that are undergoing renovation. The funds for the repairs are from India in order to create safe passages for the vehicles that will be crossing the highway.

He also added that as soon as the renovations are done within the expected 18 months period, the highway will be usable for those who are planning to cross from these three countries.

The highway construction will start from India, in its most eastern part called Moreh, going to the Tamu city which is located in Myanmar.

There is still an ongoing negotiation regarding the agreement on the tri-nation motor vehicles which will be commuting using the 1,400 km road. The same road will reach the country of Thailand at the district of Tak, Mae Sot.

According to Bishnoi, India and Thailand has always see eye to eye when it comes to culture, spiritual and language sector. The road will not physically connect the two countries.

He shared how the linking road will be useful in transporting hood as well as help in developing the SMEs that are in the North East India. The Act East policy which is in effect in India will further be exemplified because of the creation of the highway between three nations.

The Dawei deep-sea port that as well as the industrial estate developments in Myanmar that is located near the Thai border is seen to help in the integration of India with other countries in the South East Asia. With this development, more people will now invest into properties in Thailand and Find Thai Property could help speed along the process.

English Classes Does Not Mean Internationalization

English is now taught in more schools all over the globe especially those in higher education levels. This is why it has been misunderstood as a result of the globalization of higher lever education in schools since the language has been seen to be used in almost all research as well as academic materials and learning the English language has also been viewed as a means for institutions to be recognized in an international scale.

This is what happened in Taiwan where in the top colleges as well as universities of the country suffered from the lack of funds for the employees because of the institutions desire to hire foreigner professors and no importance given to the local talent. After lowering the birthrate of the country, its long term effect is now recognized.

In a recent announcement, the National Cheng-chi University which is located in Taipei said that at the start of the next semester, all instructors and professors that are newly hired must be able to teach English with two courses each. This was instantly questioned by angry local educators because they are already underpaid while their workload is too much.

The continued debate whether the English language should be used as the official language for all course instructions is still ongoing and is not a current issue but there has been no known localization in Asia. Meanwhile, in Europe, there is a program called ERASMUS which aims to facilitate exchange with the employment of English and eventually there are courses as well as degrees offered for English. Those who are in favor of this advocacy reason out that the learning the English language will make them more viable in promoting higher education as well as increasing the search for more international students.

Many of those in favor believed that their main oppositions are members of the conservative nationalists who aim to preserve the native language as well as culture of the nation without knowing that many of those opposed are also supportive of international exchange and giving the best education for students but without compromising the quality. For those who are planning to teach English as a foreign language, visit Entrust TEFL.