Month: March 2016

Want To Teach English In Another Country? Here Are The Advantages You Can Get

Thailand – March 4, 2016 – Teaching English in a foreign country is a difficult but rewarding job. It is truly challenging to leave the comfort of your home country and all the things you have been used to all for the noble job that is teaching. But if you are willing, teaching English in a foreign country will provide you with great memories and experience.

The best thing about living and teaching English in a foreign country is that you are given ample opportunity to explore and learn more about the country’s culture. You not only meet new and interesting people, you also get to see the world from their perspective. While you are living there, you would be able to learn their language, their customs and traditions. You will be a part of their celebrations and festivities like holidays and cultural events. While you may live a relatively simple life there living in an apartment, the simplest of tasks such as grocery shopping, taking public transit and even dining can be a journey.

While you learn more about the country’s culture, your students in turn will learn more about yours as you teach them the English language. You would be giving your students a glimpse into your customs and practices. But the most rewarding part is that you get to help them, teach them things that they could never learn from a textbook. Think about the bond you can form with your students and the friendships you can make while you are staying there.

Also, while this experience of yours may just be a small part of your life in the near future, being a TEFL instructor makes for a good addition to your resume. Through your experience, you will be able to show your future employers that you are flexible, open and accepting of new things. Becoming a TEFL instructor alone means that you are adept at adapting to new environments.

By becoming a TEFL teacher or instructor, you will teach English overseas paid, will get to travel, explore, learn, and meet new people. And even if this experience lasts only two or three years of your life, it would certainly be a great memory to look back on.