Month: February 2016

Making An Impact On The Product Shelf

When you are marketing your product, it is very important that you consider the design of your packaging. You need to view the design as one call to action for the customer: buy me. If you need some inspiration on creating the right packaging for your product, here are some tips that you can look at which will leave a big impact to your product.

  • Always consider form and function. There are two basic considerations when it comes to packaging your product: form and function. In its very basic form, the packaging should keep your product safe and intact. However, if you encase your product totally with polystyrene, bubble wrap and a blank box, this will not really lure any customers to buy your product. Your packaging definitely needs to improve and be able to provide your customers with the information regarding the product and make it attractive for the buyer. A packaging is considered good if it addresses the core challenge of both form and function with substance and style. The products should also be neatly housed with creative typography which will communicate the content itself to the buyer.
  • Do not be afraid to be creative. If you want people to consider that your product is of great quality, then the packaging of your product has to be creative. If it is abundantly clear that effort, time and a lot of consideration need to be given to the packaging alone then this should speak volumes regarding the product that it contains. High quality as well as creative packaging will speak strong signal of influences to the decider and will even make the consumer buy your product even if it is priced more than its cheaper competitors.
  • Always be concise and be very clear about what your product is. Sometimes too much creativity placed on a product will lead to confusion. There are some products which seemed to be over thought in that it is not anymore clear what is inside the box or packet. Whether your packaging is as simple as retail gift bags or other classy items, keep in mind that the packaging should be clear and concise.