Month: December 2014

Abu Dhabi Forms Panel To Tackle Childhood Obesity

Twelve government agencies in Abu Dhabi have formed a panel to design an attack plan against childhood obesity. The panel will be tacking measures that include promoting healthy foods and regular exercise for health and physical fitness including improving the health of women before and after pregnancy.

Statistics from the World Health Organization was presented by Abu Dhabi Health Chairman Dr. Mugheer Al Khaili. It showed that 15.1% of young students in the Emirates are obese while 16.7% are overweight. Additional statistics from Childhood Obesity in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi has shown a significant number of obese children, a very alarming number that has to be addressed so that the next generation will be healthier.

However, the health plans being designed by the panel cannot be achieved without the collective effort of individuals and organizations in society. Childhood diet and exercise must be guided and supported with nutrition programs for those of school age. There are certainly entities in Abu Dhabi that can influence the behavior of children with regards to eating habits and exercise. It is also important to foster an environment that will encourage and motivate the children to more physical activities.

It is not just the school that must be involved in the promotion of health but the home and the community. This is how the WHO defined the framework with the 6 pillars that should tackle childhood obesity. All aspects that could influence a child eating habits and physical activities must be considered.

There are initiatives to each of the 6 pillars that concern schools, what people eat, what children eat, how much exercise is necessary and the effects of environment and society. Some of the initiatives are easy to implement, some rather difficult. For example, it is not easy telling people to stop buying and eating sugar.

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