Syria’s President: Western Leaders Are To Blame for Crisis in Refugee

With the increasing problem of the refugees in Europe which are mostly from Syria, the president of the country expressed his sentiments and blamed the Western nations. He told media that the countries in the West supported opposition groups in Syria’s civil war.

In an interview with the news organizations of Russia, President Bashar al-Assad said that if the western nations are worried about the people in his country, they should stop supporting the terrorists. This is what the Syrian government thinks of the whole crisis. The president pressed on that this is the core issue of the crisis with refugees.

Refugee crisis in Europe

Europe is currently struggling to deal with the increasing number of migrants arriving illegally at the borders of European countries. Many of these refugees have been fleeing the conflict in Syria with militant groups which have claimed the lives of at least 220,000 people.

The leaders of the western nations have criticized the government of al-Assad for being incompetent in presiding over the violence in his country. The violence in his country helped spawn the influx of ISIS militant group in the country which drove at least four million of Syrian civilians to seek refuge to other lands. But instead of thanking the European nations for taking in the refugees, he also blamed the European countries.

The president of Syria said that Europe should also take the blame since they supported terrorism.

Double standards among European nations

In the press conference held, it was not explicitly stated by the president what he was referring to when he said that Europe took part in terroristic acts. Two years ago, the European Union ended the arms embargo with rebel groups that were fighting the government of Syria. The United States on the other hand has offered support to some Syrian rebels who were willing to fight against ISIS.

The president of Syria said in the interview that how can people from across the globe feel sad for the death of a child in the sea and not feel any remorse for the deaths of thousands of children who have been killed by rebel groups in Syria.

Road To Connect India, Myanmar And Thailand

According to reports, the three countries including Myanmar, Thailand and India, are now planning to construct a highway that will serve bridge between India and the rest of the Southeast Asian countries. The highway is expected to be 1,400 kilometer in length and will the first project that will link the countries. The project is expected to not only increase the trade between these countries but also to have cultural exchanges among them.

According to Bhagwant Singh Bishnoi, the Indian Ambassador to Thailand, there are currently 73 bridges located in Myanmar that were constructed more than 70 years ago during the WWII that are undergoing renovation. The funds for the repairs are from India in order to create safe passages for the vehicles that will be crossing the highway.

He also added that as soon as the renovations are done within the expected 18 months period, the highway will be usable for those who are planning to cross from these three countries.

The highway construction will start from India, in its most eastern part called Moreh, going to the Tamu city which is located in Myanmar.

There is still an ongoing negotiation regarding the agreement on the tri-nation motor vehicles which will be commuting using the 1,400 km road. The same road will reach the country of Thailand at the district of Tak, Mae Sot.

According to Bishnoi, India and Thailand has always see eye to eye when it comes to culture, spiritual and language sector. The road will not physically connect the two countries.

He shared how the linking road will be useful in transporting hood as well as help in developing the SMEs that are in the North East India. The Act East policy which is in effect in India will further be exemplified because of the creation of the highway between three nations.

The Dawei deep-sea port that as well as the industrial estate developments in Myanmar that is located near the Thai border is seen to help in the integration of India with other countries in the South East Asia. With this development, more people will now invest into properties in Thailand and Find Thai Property could help speed along the process.

English Classes Does Not Mean Internationalization

English is now taught in more schools all over the globe especially those in higher education levels. This is why it has been misunderstood as a result of the globalization of higher lever education in schools since the language has been seen to be used in almost all research as well as academic materials and learning the English language has also been viewed as a means for institutions to be recognized in an international scale.

This is what happened in Taiwan where in the top colleges as well as universities of the country suffered from the lack of funds for the employees because of the institutions desire to hire foreigner professors and no importance given to the local talent. After lowering the birthrate of the country, its long term effect is now recognized.

In a recent announcement, the National Cheng-chi University which is located in Taipei said that at the start of the next semester, all instructors and professors that are newly hired must be able to teach English with two courses each. This was instantly questioned by angry local educators because they are already underpaid while their workload is too much.

The continued debate whether the English language should be used as the official language for all course instructions is still ongoing and is not a current issue but there has been no known localization in Asia. Meanwhile, in Europe, there is a program called ERASMUS which aims to facilitate exchange with the employment of English and eventually there are courses as well as degrees offered for English. Those who are in favor of this advocacy reason out that the learning the English language will make them more viable in promoting higher education as well as increasing the search for more international students.

Many of those in favor believed that their main oppositions are members of the conservative nationalists who aim to preserve the native language as well as culture of the nation without knowing that many of those opposed are also supportive of international exchange and giving the best education for students but without compromising the quality. For those who are planning to teach English as a foreign language, visit Entrust TEFL.

Thousands Of Myanmar Workers Stopped Working In Thailand, Returned Home

It has been reported that around 50,000 Myanmar workers who are employed in the fishing industry of central Thailand have resigned from their jobs and decided to go back home. While many are still left, there are reports circulating that many more are going to follow suit.

According to the head of fisheries association based in Samut Sakorn province, Kamjorn Mongkoltreeluck, thousands of migrant workers that have been under their employment for many years have decided that they wanted to go back to their home country. They also expressed that they will not be coming back again to look for jobs in Thailand.

Samut Sakorn is located about 35 kilometers away from the southwest part of Bangkok and it contains the largest fishing, food processing as well as frozen seafood industry in Thailand.

Majority of the Myanmar migrants have been employed as workers under the fishing and food processing industry, other are unskilled laborers that work in the construction sector and some are home maids.

According to Kamjorn, many of these Myanmar migrants have decided to resign from their jobs because the fishing boats they are using have been anchored for too long since it either does not have the proper monitoring equipment or it is not equipped with operating licenses. Using these boats will mean that they are not following the regulations set by the Fisheries Department or they may be caught by the European Union for it is considered IUU or Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported fishing business.

Based on the regulations from the department, it is also require for the fishing boats to be out in the open sea and fishing for a maximum limit of 220 days every year and must stay anchored on shore for the remaining 145 days.

The EU is a constant buyer of fishery products from Thailand amounting to $500 million US every year and they have expressed their desire to the Thai authorities that there must be no illegal migrants or under-aged workers nor there be abused going on aboard the trawlers. These Myanmar workers decided to look for jobs in their own country rather than opt for jobs in Thailand.

Budweiser Remains Patriotic In Spite Of Rebranding

Budweiser is one of the bestselling beers of the United States not to mention that the brand is also significantly popular in many countries. Budweiser is packaged as an all-American beer with its red, blue and white can. While Budweiser is technically part of a Belgian company Anheuser-Busch it has been known for its patriotism and sponsorship of most American sports.

However, things do change and although Budweiser is already well known throughout the world, it has to increase its global presence. Budweiser has been consistent with its American patriotism with its new seasonal packaging screaming America. According to AdAge, Budweiser is set to feature the word “America” on its front with different nationalistic phrases that includes “Land of the Free” and “Home of the Brave.” The new packaging will also include “From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream Waters” and “Indivisible since 1776.”

Budweiser packaging has certainly evolved through the years but are consumers prepared to accept the new packaging? Opinions will certainly vary but there will always be loyalists who will stick it out with the brand whether it is packaged in stars and stripes and Lady Liberty or patriotic phrases. The new design may appear classier and more high-end to some audiences while others will remain indifferent to the change. For beer lovers, packaging will not affect purchase preferences particularly since that it is only the packaging that will be changed not the contents.

Budweiser is expected to capitalize on coming seasonal events that will include the Olympics, Fourth of July and Copa America Soccer Tournament that will be taking place in the US this summer. New ads are set to appear this June and it is very likely that some Olympic athletes will endorse the product.

Rebranding is certainly important for a product as well as its promotional designs. Paper Mart offers businesses in the United States an assortment of packaging supplies, gift boxes, gift bags and cardboard boxes that are pleasing to the eyes. Paper Mart also offers customized packaging through printed bags and boxes using the design studio app. Customization of packaging will differentiate your brand from the competitors.

Overcoming The Challenges Of Standup Paddle Boarding

If you will watch videos of standup paddle boarding, it looks quite simple and uncomplicated. Many people actually assume that they only need to buy an inflatable paddle board, fill it with H2O, stand up and paddle in the waters. However, if you will watch Kai Lenny’s new video on the coast of Maui, you will be awed at how much he pushes the boundaries of the water sport with a paddle board that appears to defy the laws of physics.

Kai Lenny is a professional standup paddle boarder from Maui. He is a six-time SUP world champion who also participates in other water sports like big-wave surfing, wind surfing and kite surfing. In fact, his name Kai was derived from a Hawaiian definition of water.

In Kai Lenny’s most recent video, you will be able to view the highlights of standup paddle boarding. Kai used a different paddle board where more speed equals to more lift. His foil board includes a set of strategically placed angled wings that are attached to the bottom of the board so that it can glide through the water while lifting the board up into the air.

Hydro foils are common on boats, kayaks and surfboards but there has been no explanation of its fluid dynamics aside from the fact that it usually relies on sails, tow-in methods and waves for propulsion. However, Lenny manages to increase his speed by using his incredible strength and skill with the paddle. He has strong knowledge of the sea and can read different wave patterns. He knows when and how to paddle vigorously while keeping his vertical balance on the paddle board.

Lenny on his foil board is a sight to behold particularly if you will give notice to his superhuman balance and paddling skills that helps him achieve greater speed with less friction. But while Lenny makes it look easy to stand up on the paddle board, mere mortals will not achieve this balance anytime soon. Best SUP boards are lightweight and made in different shapes and technologies for every body weight, height and ability.

Interesting Facts About The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

If you’ve grown up during the 90s and the 2000s, then you probably know about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, or TMNT, has existed for over 32 years now and it has become one of the most popular fictional brands in the world. People definitely love these crime fighting humanoid turtles. Who wouldn’t love them? They’re turtles who mastered the art of Ninjutsu! TMNT isn’t just a popular franchise, it is actually a pop culture phenomenon and the names Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael aren’t just famous artists during the Renaissance, they’re also names of the four teenage mutant ninja turtles that had captured the hearts of kids worldwide.

Even with over three decades of existence, it would seem that TMNT isn’t ready to hit the shelves just yet. In fact, the franchise is actually getting bigger and bigger with another feature film being released this June.

Here are some interesting facts about the teenage mutant ninja turtles that you should definitely know about.

  1. TMNT started with a silly joke. True TMNT fans would know that the franchise began with a dumb joke one night while Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird were both hanging out. Laird was so engrossed with the show he was watching on TV and Eastman wanted to give him a good laugh so he drew a turtle standing upright wearing a mask and carrying a nanchaku. Laird found it very funny and interesting so he began to draw his very own ninja turtle and the rest was history.
  2. The first TMNT picture was sold for $71,000. Unbelievable right? But it’s true. The picture that Eastman and Laird drew during the night they conceived TMNT was actually bought for $71 thousand but if you consider how successful the franchise is and what its worth, then that really is worth the price.
  3. Donnie was supposed to be named Bernini. All of the ninja turtles were named after famous Renaissance artists but originally, they were supposed to have Japanese names. However, Laird and Eastman both thought that they didn’t sound silly enough that is why they opted to use Italian Renaissance artist names instead. Donnie was supposed to be named after Gian Lorenzo Bernini, an Italian artist and architect. But they opted to go with Donatello instead so that they’d have another name that ends with ‘o’.

For more information regarding TMNT, you can visit

Introducing The Most Expensive Cars In The World

If you think cars are just for transportation, you are mistaken. Luxury cars and supercars are proof that there is more to cars than just for the sole purpose of driving to work. Luxury sports cars are symbols of prestige and wealth. Cars that fall under this category are normally built for speed, comfort, and visual pleasure. Naturally, they are very expensive, but what about the most expensive cars in the world today? What were they built for? Were they built by manufacturers just to make big money or were they built to grant fulfillment to the wealthy?

Regardless of that, to own such magnificent looking cars is the dream of a lot of people. Unfortunately, unless your dad is Warren Buffett or Bill Gates, it would definitely be hard to fulfill. While you may argue that money can’t buy happiness, apparently, this list begs to differ.

Here are some of the world’s most expensive cars in no particular order.

  1. Ferrari LaFerrari. Ferrari is known as one of the most powerful brands in the world today. In over 70 years, it has produced countless of recognizable models such as the classic Ferrari Enzo and the new Ferrari 488 Dubai. LaFerrari, or “The Ferrari”, is a mild hybrid that is valued at US$1.4 million. It reaches a top speed of 217 mph and its less than 2800 pound weight enables it to accelerate 0-60 mph in 3 seconds.
  2. Ferrari F60 America. This car was built by Ferrari to celebrate its 6o-year tenure in North America. This car wears the standard red white and blue of the American flag and is valued at US$2.5 million. It is similar to the F12 and its 740 hp engine can propel the car to 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds.
  3. MansoryVivere Bugatti Veyron. This beauty features a 1,200 hp engine and it can reach 254 mph which means that it is one of the fastest cars in the world. With a price of $3.4 million, it is also one of the most expensive.
  4. W Motors LykanHypersport. Valued at $3.4 million, this stunner has been featured in Furious 7. It features a jewel encrusted headlights and scissor doors and appears like it was made for a sci-fi movie. The LykanHypersport can reach a top speed of 240 mph and can accelerate 0-60 mph in just 2.8 seconds.