Syria’s President: Western Leaders Are To Blame for Crisis in Refugee

With the increasing problem of the refugees in Europe which are mostly from Syria, the president of the country expressed his sentiments and blamed the Western nations. He told media that the countries in the West supported opposition groups in Syria’s civil war.

In an interview with the news organizations of Russia, President Bashar al-Assad said that if the western nations are worried about the people in his country, they should stop supporting the terrorists. This is what the Syrian government thinks of the whole crisis. The president pressed on that this is the core issue of the crisis with refugees.

Refugee crisis in Europe

Europe is currently struggling to deal with the increasing number of migrants arriving illegally at the borders of European countries. Many of these refugees have been fleeing the conflict in Syria with militant groups which have claimed the lives of at least 220,000 people.

The leaders of the western nations have criticized the government of al-Assad for being incompetent in presiding over the violence in his country. The violence in his country helped spawn the influx of ISIS militant group in the country which drove at least four million of Syrian civilians to seek refuge to other lands. But instead of thanking the European nations for taking in the refugees, he also blamed the European countries.

The president of Syria said that Europe should also take the blame since they supported terrorism.

Double standards among European nations

In the press conference held, it was not explicitly stated by the president what he was referring to when he said that Europe took part in terroristic acts. Two years ago, the European Union ended the arms embargo with rebel groups that were fighting the government of Syria. The United States on the other hand has offered support to some Syrian rebels who were willing to fight against ISIS.

The president of Syria said in the interview that how can people from across the globe feel sad for the death of a child in the sea and not feel any remorse for the deaths of thousands of children who have been killed by rebel groups in Syria.

Essential Changes To Laws Regarding Domestic Violence

In recent news, the Michigan Legislature has already approved seven bills which is to change some points in the existing Domestic Violence Laws. The changing was done in an attempt to stop domestic violence as well as make the current laws stronger. It was Governor Snyder who signed the changes and took effect last May.

  • It limits the power of the court in intervening during the divorce proceeding in cases where there is a PPO or personal protection order that has been filed by the defendant against the abuser or if there is an existing case in court with regards to abuse done by one of the parties involved. Before this, it was not recommended for the court to order mediation but most of the times, many victims are forced to take on mediation where they have to be in one room and think about the case in order to reach an agreement together with their abuser who they have managed to escape from domestic violence. This new law will protect those who have been a victim of abuse from facing their abuser during the mediation process. The only exemption is that if the victim is the one who asked for mediation in court.
  • The pets of the victim can be given the PPO or Personal Proctection Order. Abusers are known to use the pets of the victims in order to control them into doing what they want. This new law will make sure that abusers will not have access to the victims as well as their pets.
  • HB4479 and HB4788. The penalties are higher for abusers who know at the time of the abuse that the victim is pregnant. For the third offence, the abuser will be charged with 5 year felony.
  • This is a law protecting the address of the victim. During an escape, victims of abuse want to make sure that their address is not accessible to the abuser. Instead of the usual process serving, there are other alternative services which will be used in order to protect the current location of the victim.

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Helpful Tips When The Basement Is Flooded

Recently, basement started to be used for different purposes aside from being a storage or junk room. The basement can be turned into an entertainment room or a family hangout complete with carpets, electronics and music. Nobody wants their basement to turn into an indoor swimming pool but it can’t be prevented in the event of a flood.

According to the National Flood Insurance Program, floods are the number one natural disaster in the United States. From 2011 to 2015, average flood claims amounted to more than $46,000. A lot of basements were flooded and most homeowners have to pay anywhere from $500 to $10,000 to restoration companies that will ensure the basement is back to its original form before the water damage. According to Angie’s List, if the flooding is substantial, restoring the basement will cost as much as $50,000.

Homeowners will certainly be overwhelmed with the damages but it is important to keep your wits to minimize the damages. If flooding has just started, it is important to immediately shut off of the power to the basement to prevent a fire in case water reaches electrical appliances. Once it’s done, you start rescuing belongings that you do not want ruined like carpets, photographs, books, etc.

If you were unable to switch off the power safely, do not attempt to go down to the basement. Water is an electric conductor and you certainly do not want yourself electrocuted. It is also important to determine whether the flood waters include wastewater backup from the sump pump. If you have accidentally touched the waters, sanitize your hands thoroughly.

Start cleaning as soon as the flood waters subside because the longer water sits of your belongings, the more damages they will sustain. Act fast; remove your soaked carpets, drywall and furniture to prevent mold and mildew infestation.

You can bring back the beauty of your carpets that have been submerged in flood waters through carpet cleaning Perth. Experts will restore the water damaged carpets with the help of specialized equipment for intensive cleaning. Carpets can retain a lot of water and it has to be dried thoroughly before it is cleaned and sanitized from accumulated dirt.

Thailand’s Rural Areas Supported By Volunteer Care Network

The Baan Mai village is located in Chiang Mai province in the northern part of Thailand. The village is home to about 54 households with 240 people in total. Fifty eight of these residents are composed of older people, and four of them are living alone.


The home of Prakai in the Baan Mai village


Prakai is an 85 year old woman who has been living alone ever since the passing of her husband about 10 years ago. For already 2 years now, she has been bedridden. She has a carer.


Prathana, who is her only daughter, is married but lives close by and visits most of the time. Prathana is employed as a nurse at a hospital in Chiang Mai, and she is also a teacher at a school for nurses. She paid 5,000 baht for Prakai’s wheelchair and 12,000 baht for the nursing care bed.


Prakai’s carer visits her every day. The woman has an 8,000 baht monthly salary. In other countries like Japan, the costs are covered by insurance. However, there is no such Thailand insurance (ไทยประกันชีวิต) like that of Japan which makes care a household expense.


Prakai receives a monthly old age pension of 600 baht from the Thai government. However, this is insufficient for the care that she needs. In addition to her old age pension, she receives a 10,000 baht monthly survivor’s pension since her late husband worked for a government bank.


Once per month, she goes to a public hospital on her wheelchair for a physical exam. Basic healthcare services under the universal healthcare scheme of the Thai government are free.


The Volunteer Care Network


Prakai is among the more fortunate older people living in Thailand because she has access to support and care.


Daughters have usually been shouldering the care burden in Thailand according to the Foundation for Older Persons’ Development (FOPDEV). The youngest daughter is usually expected to provide care to her parents. In the past years, there are many childless and single child families with a decrease in potential carers.


Instead, volunteers organized on a sub-district level are relied on by people living in rural areas. In Thailand, there are over 1 million volunteers helping in hygiene projects and regional health. There are 18 of them in Baan Mai. They receive a very minimal amount of 600 baht monthly but the desire to volunteer is intense due to their Buddhist roots.

The Challenges Faced By Rehabilitation Centers

The increasing number of individuals that are addicted to drugs has forced the government to take stringent measures to treat 200,000 addicts and lift the moratorium on capital punishment. However, the government also faces several challenges with poorly equipped and understaffed rehabilitation centers.

According to the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) Indonesia, the government must undertake significant improvements in its rehabilitation programs because the number of drug users is expected to increase from the present 4 million users to about 4.7 million by 2020. Drug addiction is a very serious problem in Indonesia that is why the government has undertaken harsh measures like the death penalty.

On the other hand, laws require that drug addicts must be treated as victims who are entitled to social and medical rehabilitation. Rehabilitation centers face serious problems with the inadequacy of facilities and human resources. With fewer than 80 psychiatrists, the government can only manage to treat about 25,000 drug users every year. In 2015, the government planned for the rehabilitation of 100,000 drug users but BNN was only able to accommodate about 42,000.

There are 578 registered rehabilitation centers with 18 run by the government. There is no standardized treatment because each center employs its own methods and techniques. One example is a rehab center in Purbalingga, Central Java that makes use of “boil therapy.” A patient is placed on the pot containing different herbs which is warmed on a stove for 30 minutes. The method can be considered as odd but according to claims it is successful in treating drug users.

In BNN’s rehab center in Lido, West Java, patients are placed in isolation for medical treatment after which they undergo therapy in preparation for life outside of the rehab facility. BNN’s goal is to standardize rehabilitation programs to ensure an increased rate of success.

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When Should You Book Your Flight For The Christmas Getaway?

It is still August, but it is the best time of the year to plan and prepare for the Christmas getaway. According to research made by Scanner in Australia, it is best to book your flight this week or the next to enjoy the best deals. December is the most expensive time of the year for travel so that it is suggested to book your flight 17 weeks in advance of the holidays.

Seventeen weeks from today and the school holidays will be begin in some schools meaning those who are planning to leave Australia for the holidays will only have a few weeks to book their flight to take advantage of discounts. If you are planning to spend the holiday in another part of the world, today is the perfect time to start doing your research for advance bookings. According to Bessie Hassan of PR Australia, at least 5% to 25% can be saved from the original price of a plane ticket.

Generally, advance booking will help you save some money but seventeen to nineteen weeks before the school holiday is where you will save the most because many people are still dilly dallying with their plans for the holidays. However, if your plans for the holiday break are to simply spend them interstate, you still have more time to book your flight since the best deals are usually offered five to eleven weeks before the departure date.

Based on an analysis of Jetstar, Qantas, Tigerair and Virgin Australia flights, Tuesdays and Thursdays are considered as the cheapest day to fly on the domestic carriers particularly the early morning, late night or lunch time flights. It goes without saying that you have to pay more for your flight on weekends especially Friday night. If it is absolutely necessary to fly on a weekend, do so during Saturday lunch time.

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Weird Costumes Worn By Harley Quinn For Suicide Squad

During the time when the casts of the Suicide Squad are still unknown, many are already waiting for the announcement. When it was confirmed that Margot Robbie will be playing the role of Harley Quinn, a lot of the fans rejoiced over the news. The enthusiasm that was shown by the fans has resulted to hundreds of images online that were edited using software such as Photoshop. Each of these photos contains images of Robbie in different costumes. There are those that edited her to be wearing the jester suit while there are those that adapted the look from the Arkham Asylum. Due to those sample photos, many were excited to see the actual costumes on the film but the preview left them quite disappointed.

The only positive thing about it is that Margot Robbie’s aura is enough to make the costume look good. The color schemes used are perfect while the accessories she used are very much like the ones seen in the comic books. Overall, she has a stellar look. Though the fans have already accepted her look and the costume, they are still dreaming about what could be better alternative for Harley Quinn’s costume.

The fans received some good news then because the Comic-Con issue from the Entertainment Weekly published an article following an interview with the costume designer of the Suicide Squad movie, Kate Hawley. They were able to talk about the potential look of the character as well the themes that inspired the final costume used on the film.

According to a report published by Batman-News after having read the Comic-Con issue, Hawley revealed that her inspiration for the costumes of Harley were influenced by Mexican drug cartels posted on Instagram. She also took inspiration from various rock and roll legends such as Patti Smith, Debbie Harry and Courtney Love. The movie costumes of Joker played by Jared Leto also took inspiration from the drug lords showcased on Instagram. Hawley also revealed that she wanted the sex appeal of Harley to work on its own and not to center her outfit based on what will make Joker happy.

Is Bitcoin Mining Still Profitable After The Halving?

If you are into bitcoin mining, do not be surprised if the output suddenly fell through the roof. According to Reuters, the code that was built into the virtual currency system has cut the mining reward into half last July 9. Previously, 25 bitcoins can be mined every 10 minutes but it has been halved to 12.5 in an attempt to curb inflation from the growing number of miners with their extra fast computers.

The halving has serious consequences for dedicated miners because you have to work double to get the same amount of virtual money. Bitcoin miners whose operations are not efficient enough may have to restructure to avoid closing shop. One example is KnCMiner that declared bankruptcy last May after giving warning of impending profit loss. Bitcoin miners who are most likely to survive are those that can keep their costs down to the minimum through low-power computers and minimal staffing.

The bitcoin mining industry must have anticipated the halving considering that the rulebook says that halving will occur every four years. Since the halving schedule occurs like clockwork, users know that rewards will be cut by half. Another halving is set to occur on 2020 and perhaps the bitcoin mining industry will be better prepared so that they can still make money from the transactions.

What is bitcoin cloud mining?

Bitcoin cloud mining means you can share the processing power from data centers located in remote areas. You do not actually need a home computer for mining but it can be important for communications. There are different types of remote bitcoin mining that includes hosted mining, virtual hosted mining and leased hashing power. In hosted mining, you lease a mining computer that is hosted by a provider while in virtual hosted mining; you create a virtual private server and install your own mining software. The most popular method of bitcoin cloud mining is by leasing a certain amount of hashing power without the need for your own computer and specialized software. Since you won’t be paying for electricity, you can consider the monthly lease as an expense to determine whether it is worth the efforts to mine bitcoins.