Syria’s President: Western Leaders Are To Blame for Crisis in Refugee

With the increasing problem of the refugees in Europe which are mostly from Syria, the president of the country expressed his sentiments and blamed the Western nations. He told media that the countries in the West supported opposition groups in Syria’s civil war.

In an interview with the news organizations of Russia, President Bashar al-Assad said that if the western nations are worried about the people in his country, they should stop supporting the terrorists. This is what the Syrian government thinks of the whole crisis. The president pressed on that this is the core issue of the crisis with refugees.

Refugee crisis in Europe

Europe is currently struggling to deal with the increasing number of migrants arriving illegally at the borders of European countries. Many of these refugees have been fleeing the conflict in Syria with militant groups which have claimed the lives of at least 220,000 people.

The leaders of the western nations have criticized the government of al-Assad for being incompetent in presiding over the violence in his country. The violence in his country helped spawn the influx of ISIS militant group in the country which drove at least four million of Syrian civilians to seek refuge to other lands. But instead of thanking the European nations for taking in the refugees, he also blamed the European countries.

The president of Syria said that Europe should also take the blame since they supported terrorism.

Double standards among European nations

In the press conference held, it was not explicitly stated by the president what he was referring to when he said that Europe took part in terroristic acts. Two years ago, the European Union ended the arms embargo with rebel groups that were fighting the government of Syria. The United States on the other hand has offered support to some Syrian rebels who were willing to fight against ISIS.

The president of Syria said in the interview that how can people from across the globe feel sad for the death of a child in the sea and not feel any remorse for the deaths of thousands of children who have been killed by rebel groups in Syria.

Bangkok Sidewalks – Difficult To Control

The sidewalks of Thailand are lively. Extremely so.  To a foreign visitor, the myriad of things on the sidewalks of cities like Bangkok or Sukhumvit are quite bizarre.  Motorcycles use it for easier travel, street vendors use it for store space, and other sorts of respectable and, sometime, not-so respectable businesses use the sidewalks for their purposes, with things like bars and restaurants, even brothels, showing up in the sidewalks. It’s certainly quite noticeable from a serviced residence in Sukhumvit.

Whilst these oddities of the country’s sidewalks have given it a unique allure and personality, they have undermined the state of the sidewalks of the cities, including Bangkok. All in all, Bangkok sidewalks are not quite walkable, in the sense that they aren’t quite friendly to pedestrians and their activities.

A lot of things affect walkability, such as the quality of sidewalks, whether or not they’re well-maintained, the number of obstructions such as phone booths, trees, or street vendors, etc.

If you go and complain to the police about the sidewalk, they will attempt to explain to you that they, the police force of the country, do not enforce the laws of the sidewalk like they would in other countries across the globe. This is problematic since even motorcycles use the sidewalks as part of the road, not to mention the shops and stores that intrude on pedestrian space and the problems that go with an unregulated and unmaintained sidewalk.

In Thailand, sidewalk laws are enforced by city officials, which has its own set of problems due to the fact that there are few city officials to keep an eye on the streets, on top of the fact that law enforcement lacks the authorities and powers needed for enforcement.

There have been some attempts to rectify these issues, with more stringent enforcement, such as a Bt 5,000 fine for motorcyclists using sidewalks and teams of inspectors set to vigilantly monitor the sidewalks, and the clearing out of street vendors in certain areas, but the situation is still quite noticeable even in the other cities. From a serviced residence in Sukhumvit, it’s impossible to miss the hullabaloo of motorcycles and vendors on the sidewalks.

How To Choose Thailand Beach Villa

Now and then you would need a break from your everyday busy life and you have to pamper yourself or your loved ones with a luxurious holiday that you deserve. It is also a token for hard work and a celebration of life’s little successes. To make your holiday fun and meaningful, get a Thailand beach villa overlooking crystal clear water or surrounded by greeneries of the mountains. With all the amazing beaches in Thailand, you will find it difficult to get a beach villa that is suitable to your idea of a perfect vacation. To help you find the right villa for you, take a look at these ideas.

Offers comfortable amenities

Find a Thailand beach villa that will not make you miss too much the comforts of your home.  If you want to cook your favourite comfort food, you can do so with a fully equipped kitchen with crockery and appliances.  At the same time, it should offer free access to Wi-Fi so you will not be fully detached with people at home. Also, choose a villa with spacious rooms and a living area to allow you to move feely especially if you have your family or kids with you.

Relaxing view

You go on holiday to relax and get revitalized. So choose a villa in Thailand that offers amenities that would enhance your experience. A direct access to the swimming pools or the beach would be a lovely idea or you can also get a place with spacious sundeck or balcony where you can laze around in the afternoon as you read a book or watch the sunset. A sundeck is also perfect for yoga or tai chi exercises. For total relaxation, find a villa in Thailand where you will feel a lot closer to nature.

Competitive rates

To experience the comforts of home while staying in a posh hotel doesn’t mean you would break the bank. There is a Thailand beach villa that is easy on the pocket if you would just do a little research and if you would compare rates among beach villas in Thailand.

The Future Of Ormesby Hall

The National Trust is planning to build a marquee permanently in the hall grounds. History tells that the mansion which is listed as Grade-I was constructed in 1600.

For the past hundreds of years, Ormesby Hall has been considered a very important part of the history especially for those who are living near the outskirts of Middlesbrough.

Future brides and grooms will not have the chance to experience a wedding inside the Georgian mansion since it has been proposed that the building will be remodelled to hold weddings.

The owner of the mansion, National Trust, is planning to bring the mansion back to life with a new purpose. It used to be called home by the Pennyman family which was passed down to generations after generations for two centuries. The new owner proposes that a permanent marquee is constructed on the mansion’s site.

This proposal was decided upon the issue of commercial opportunities wherein the mansion is receiving fewer number of visitors compared to other properties that are under National Trust.

Weddings are not a foreign event to the Ormesby Hall because it has been a wedding venue for several occasions in the past few years but the couples are only using temporary marquee for the event. It was only recently that there is a spike for demand with couples wanting to wed in the exclusive location.

In the next chapter for the history of Ormesby Hall, it is their goal to make the hall one of the most widely known even venues all over Teesside.

The permanent marquee will measure 12 meters by 30 meters and will be placed in the former location of the tennis lawn which is adjacent to the terraced garden of the hall.

Weddings will only be available for booking on weekends because this is the time when the venue is not open for tourists. The marquee will not be used exclusively for weddings but other commercial events as well as those hosted by the National Trust.

According to a spokeswoman from National Trust, because of the history of the house, it has presented to be an ideal setting and backdrop for any wedding. Marquee hire in Sydney is common but this news with the hall will be a game changer for couples near the area because they don’t have to rent tents for the event.

Kawasaki World Superbike Team Ready For 2017

An announcement was already made by Tom Sykes and Jonathan Rea regarding the colours to be donned by the 2017 Kawasaki Racing Team. This year, the team will be busy defending its titles as World Superbike riders and World Superbike manufacturer.

Rea was victorious last year for his attempt to retain his World Superbike crown and is aiming to break the world record by winning for the three consecutive years as the world champion. Along with him is the factory squad from Kawasaki. Ever since he became a part of the team in 2015, he has started to dominate the series.

Rea will be partnering again with Tom Sykes who is known to be the champion during the 2013 World Superbike. Sykes is now preparing for this year since this is his eighth year being part of the KRT. He almost finished as runner up last year during the riders’ championship but he still made sure that Kawasaki will bring home the title as World Superbike Manufacturer for the two straight seasons.

Both of them have already a year of experience when it comes to manoeuvring the latest Kawasaki ZX-10R. The two riders for KRT are considered to be hot favourites during this year’s competition which will be against their competitor factory including Aprilia, Yamaha, Honda and Ducati.

Rea is happy about the idea of beating a world record during the World Superbikes in the event that he bags the riders’ title for the third time.

Rea expressed gratitude to his KRT team for making their annual team launch a memorable one. He is happy to be wearing his new leathers and seeing his bike all ready for the competition while a lot of people are cheering with them.

After the championship celebration last year, he shared that he focused on his testing in order to have a more productive off-season. He is now excited for a new year.

The Kawasaki Racing Team will be travelling to Phillip Island for the pre-season test final which will happen on February 24 to 26. It is expected that the demand for Kawasaki motorcycles for sale will be higher during the coming season.

Lessening The Possibility Of Being Investigated – Availing Tax Insurances

One of the existing problems, especially for small business owners is tax investigations and the headaches that these investigations might bring. Setting up a business has never been easy. There are different aspects and somehow, you have to deal with all of them. Time and effort should be sacrificed in order to make sure it gradually grows. You might even have to work throughout the day and most of the night just to ensure that no problem will arise.

However, it is already a given that some problems will occur. It is a risk that you have to take if you really want to be successful. These problems are unavoidable, but you can lessen its occurrence by through insurances and other similar kinds of actions.

As a business owner, you have to understand and perform all your responsibilities. One of these is paying all your taxes on time. This is a very important responsibility, otherwise, you will be subjected to a tax investigation.

Recently, the HMRC has been conducting tax investigations to any type of business – small, midsize or even large companies. This is to help lessen the nation’s debt and ensure that all the businesses are paying the right amount of tax. Tax investigations can be a headache to business owners like you. If you are being subjected to investigations, it can take months and even years just to clear one aspect of your business.

So what can you do to lessen the possibility of being investigated?

  • Always keep an accurate record of all the transactions that your business did with clients.
  • Make sure you have paid all your taxes on time
  • You can look for companies who offer insurance against tax investigation

The first two tasks are solely on you as a business owner. It is your responsibility to keep an accurate record of all your transactions and to make sure you pay all your taxes on time. The third task, on the other hand, can be optional.

Insurance against tax investigation can be very helpful to you. They can cover the cost of the investigation and even help you out when you are asked to be in the local courts. They also give free business advices should you need one.

Advantages Of Drops For HCG Weight Loss

HCG weight loss products come in various forms. There is HCG that is administered through injection while you can also buy HCG in tablets. However, the most preferred HCG supplement are those in drops form. Because of its popularity, various HCG drops are offered in the market made by different manufacturers. Another popular for are those that are administered through injection. If you are not sure which of the two is more suited to you, make a research on its pros and cons. Both products are effective although it would still matter who the manufacturers are. To help you decide whether to use drops or injections, take a look at the following ideas.

Convenience in consumption

HCG in injection form requires you to visit the doctor’s clinic for the HCG to be administered. When buying HCG injections, you have to present a prescription in order for you to buy the product.  Since HCG injections need to be administered by a medical practitioner, you need to drive down to the clinic just to support your HCG weight loss and this means added expenses on gas or fuel. With HCG drops, you can take it anywhere and you can take drops even in the middle of a busy day. You can also increase your dosage or reduce it depending on your need.

No pain dieting

With HCG drops, you just have to place the recommended number of HCG drops under your tongue, hold it for at least 60 seconds then swallow the remaining drops in your mouth and you’re done. Taking HCG drops do not involve needles and the unsettling sight of blood even in small amount.  With HCG drops, you can work your way towards achieving your ideal weight without pain or discomfort. HCG injectible and other forms of HCG slimming product is not suitable for those with hormonal problem.


HCG drops is proven to be cheaper than other HCG weight loss products. You also get o save money since you don’t have to spend for it to be administered to you. Buy in higher quantities to further lower down the costs.

Adoption Of A New Plumbing Code For Solar-Ready Roofs Opposed By Austin Plumbers

The roof of a home is typically made of shingles with a chimney and vents. However, if District 7 City Council Member Leslie Pool’s resolution to make Austin roof’s solar ready is to be followed, roof space on new home construction must not have vents and pipes in order for solar panels to be installed.

The Austin Homebuilders Association is concerned over the additional costs of building the home. The developer’s trade group is prepared to support the measure if the city council considers a separate item that will change Austin Plumbing Code. Glenn Coleman who is lobbying for the home builders association said that if a new plumbing code is adopted, it can neutralize the additional cost of constructing a solar-ready roof.

According to Coleman, a new code called the International Plumbing Code will make it easier to create extra roof space. In addition, the new code will bring out more benefits like smaller piping, more flexibility and the ability to combine multiple devices together so that they can vent simultaneously. Water conservation and solar initiatives will be more efficiently adopted into a home.

However, Austin plumbers do not agree to the adoption of a new plumbing code. T.J. Dodd who is the business manager for plumbers and pipe fitters said that their union prefers the current code which is the Uniform Plumbing Code. They have already fought twice against a switch to a new code and they are prepared to fight Pool’s resolution.

Dodd further said that plumbers are already familiar with the Uniform Plumbing Code because of the relative safety, flexibility and cost of the plumbing system. When the item on plumbing was pulled out, the homebuilders association also withdrew their support for Pool’s resolution. Pool now expects that the item for the solar-ready roofs will be postponed.

If you are looking for plumbers to fix a plumbing issue in your home, make sure to choose well. The choice should not depend on the cost but the skill and experience of the plumber including whether he is licensed and insured. If gas installation will be undertaken, make sure that the plumber has Gas Safety certification.